Top Blog Posts for Customer Service Leaders in 2023

Gladly Team

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Roll out the red carpet and pour the champagne, it’s time for The Gladlys! The Gladly team has chosen some of this year’s top blogs across a variety of CX categories so you have all the top industry tips in one place.

Check out this year’s winners and honorable mentions, and discover your next big strategic move to upgrade the way your team approaches customer service.

1. Best AI and Automation Blog

This year’s winner in the AI and automation category is How AI for Customer Support Agents Maximizes CX Efficiency. With AI rapidly becoming the talk of the customer service industry, it’s hard to choose a single resource that will boost your automation knowledge more than another. However, with insights from Bark CTO Nari Sitaraman, this blog stands out as a key resource for CX leaders looking to streamline their service.

Key Takeaway

AI offers agents helpful features like proactive sentiment detection, increased response speed, trend forecasting, real-time insights, and action plans that make their work easier — improving your team's effectiveness.

Honorable Mentions:

2. Best Support(ing) Tips Blog

Our best support(ing) tips award goes to Build a Customer-Focused Organization in 5 Steps. Following the current shift toward personalized service, customer-focused brands commonly see higher perceived value and long-term relationships with their customers. This blog breaks down some of the key steps CX leaders may implement to shift their CX team toward a customer-oriented mindset.

Key Takeaway

Key Takeaway: Building a customer-focused organization starts with the right tools, the right people, the right strategy, and the right mission. Putting these pieces together will help your team better understand and connect with your shoppers.

Honorable Mentions:

3. Best CX Tips and Tools Blog

Outstanding customer service starts with an outstanding team, which is why Hire a Customer Service Team has won our top spot for this category. With access to a three-step checklist, CX leaders and their teams can build better customer experiences from the ground up.

Key Takeaway

Identifying key strengths and qualifications through effective interview questions and a comprehensive analysis of applications can help your team start out on the right foot from day one.

Honorable Mentions:

4. Best Service Trends Blog

CX leaders searching for their next big strategy should look no further than 5 Trends for the Future of CX. Featuring top tips provided by customer service futurist Blake Morgan at Gladly Connect Live 2023, this winning blog highlights some of the top upcoming trends for CX leaders to consider incorporating into their future customer service strategies.

Key Takeaway

From automation to phygital channels, the future of CX is focused on squeezing the most out of every interaction. Working within a limited budget means learning how to maximize your agents' value while incorporating tools and strategies that reduce your financial strain.