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Our consumer-facing AI solution enables data-rich, personalized self-service experiences across channels.

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With Sidekick,

  • cost per contact reduces
  • average handle time drops
  • response times improve
  • volume to agents reduces

Sidekick integrates seamlessly with your company’s existing systems, accelerating your time to value for key business metrics like AHT and CPC.

Brands use Sidekick to delight customers at scale

Fully Automate Customer Contact Reasons

Manage FAQs — from “Where is my order?” to “What is your return policy?” — with AI-generated responses.

Control Who Assists – AI or Agent

With preset instructions, Sidekick directly assists customers or routes them to a free agent.

Deliver High Quality, Tailored Interactions

Generative AI, guided by brand standards, recognizes customers and replies with personalization.

Improve Agent Focus

Robust self-service frees up agents to deepen customer relationships, driving LTV and loyalty.

Decrease Inbound Volume

Customers self-serve without assistance, reducing inbound requests that require agents.

Sidekick Drives Results for Teams of All Sizes

Scaling Support Teams

Minimizes repetitive tasks and empowers efficiency for growing teams to foster deeper customer relationships.

Rapidly-Growing Brands

Delivers flexible, customer-informed AI that drives positive customer experiences, without requiring human intervention.

Global Enterprise Teams

Equips high-volume teams with automated responses and conversation summaries to promote hyper-personalized CX at scale.

Key Sidekick Features


Run controlled, automated conversations based on contact reason and personalized by generative AI. Threads connect directly to order management, returns, and other backend systems.

Assisted Conversations

Assist customers directly with their inquiries, or assist support agents in quickly attending to a customer’s needs.

Trending Contact Reasons

Easily spot changes in customer contact reasons from a daily dashboard, allowing for proactive support outreach.

Thread Builder

Thread Builder gives teams full control to build, manage, and deploy Threads in an easy-to-use, no-code experience builder, as well as pre-built templates to help you get started fast.


Sidekick’s dashboard grants a single view of actionable data that empowers leaders to monitor and report on CX performance 24/7.

Multi-Market Coverage

Sidekick automatically triggers based on a customer’s location, providing customized treatment across markets or geographic locations.


Fabric and craft brand JOANN used Sidekick and Hero to scale and improve their customer experience, resulting in a 470% yearly ROI – without needing to increase their holiday headcount.


of email conversations resolved


After leaving their legacy Zendesk system and switching to Gladly, Peak Design resolved 18% of their conversations and saw a 91% ROI – while delivering more fulfilling work for support heroes, and higher customer satisfaction.


automated order tracking, returns, and warranties


Apparel brand Bombas was combatting friction across their customer and support hero experiences. With Sidekick and Hero, they decreased their time to resolution by 35% while boosting loyalty.


decrease in time to first resolution

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