Author once, publish everywhere

Author answers once and publish across every channel, increasing productivity and better maintaining version control.

Efficient yet personalized responses

Save your agents time by proactively suggesting standardized answers to popular questions. Configurable for every language and length depending on the channel.

Maintain your brand voice

Ensure customers see consistent answers to FAQs by pushing answers directly into your Help Center or our Chat Widget from a single source.

Key Features

Leverage a single knowledge base to publish answers across all channels and languages.

Answer Suggestions

Save your heroes time by suggesting pre-stocked answers to popular questions. Configurable for a variety of responses and lengths depending on the channel.


Placeholders ensure that the important info is always added before pressing send, like the customer's name and confirmation number.

Auto Replies

Have pre-stocked answers for conversations that can be closed without a human touch, like “No problem, happy to help” when receiving a “Thanks!”

Multi-Language Answers

In a single database create Answers in multiple languages across multiple channels, including self-service.

Localized Answers

Show customers relevant Answers in your public FAQs based on their locality and suspected language preference.

Auto Complete

Auto populate common information, like a heroes name or a customer's email address, to keep heroes efficient.

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"New to the game - but killing it! It is very intuitive, and easy to train on. Conversation vs ticket based helps us stay ahead. Not much to dislike!"

Administrator in Retail

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Customer service is at its best when it’s a conversation.

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