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Our #1-rated AI-powered customer service software saves costs, boosts revenue, and empowers agents to drive customer loyalty through exceptional service.

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5-Star Service Never Sleeps

In today’s connected world, customers expect around-the-clock service to address their needs and concerns — anytime, anywhere.

Economic challenges force customer service teams to do more with less.

Customers expect brands to deliver concierge-level experiences.

AI and automation have transformed how we create, communicate, and transact with customers.

From Legacy to Loyalty

Say goodbye to ticket-based transactions and hello to the loyalty era — where lifelong customer relationships are built at scale.

Treat customers like humans to build lifelong loyalty

Your customer service is more than a department — it's a VIP experience. Customers feel known, valued, and cared for. Start providing exceptional service without the constraints of a large workforce.

It starts with people

Every conversation starts with a real time understanding of who each customer is. When you understand customers on a deeper level, AI helps deliver highly personalized experiences and match customers with the right information, action, or the best Hero — all in real-time.

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Help customers help themselves

Provide accurate and personalized self-service around the clock, unlocking everything you know about each customer. Gladly lets you control the conversation with personalized responses using generative AI guided by your company’s policies and integrations.

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Turn agents into superheroes

Gladly AI summarizes past conversations and suggests real-time guidance so agents can take swift action. No time wasted on channel switching. No missed conversation history. Agents focus only on creating lasting connections that elevate your brand above the rest.

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Unified in a single, lifelong conversation

Gladly looks, feels, and works as one conversation stream with everything built-in, including voice. Every AI- and human-led customer interaction, regardless of channel, is one lifelong conversation. No more silos or repeat explanations. Your team knows the full story for every customer.

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Brands using Gladly to scale their service

Read what visionary CX leaders from the world's most-loved brands are saying about Gladly.

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Agents become heroes, customers become loyal

Join the ranks of customer service heroes with Gladly. Rated #1 for producing the best business results in the contact center category and #1 easiest-to-use Help Desk Platform on G2.

See Gladly in action

See Gladly in action

Transform your customer service into a loyalty engine fueled by the power of AI and personalization.

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