Key Uses of AI to Improve Customer Experience

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Artificial intelligence (AI) offers an enormous opportunity for consumer brands to deliver higher quality experiences for their customers than what was previously possible. From faster responses to proactive customer service solutions and recommendations, companies that know how to use AI to improve the customer experience will be far better equipped than competitors to meet modern shopper expectations.

AI is no longer some far-off, futuristic possibility — and companies shouldn’t underestimate the immediate impact it can have on the way they serve customers. From making personalization more practical to elevating agents’ effectiveness, here’s how AI improves customer experience.

Empowering Radical Personalization

There’s no question that customers are actively seeking more personalized experiences with businesses — our Customer Expectations Report shows that 73% of shoppers want brands to treat them like people rather than case numbers. Previously, some companies struggled with applying personalization en masse, but AI’s ability to learn and apply insights helps provide these personal touches on a customer-by-customer basis, at scale.

Here are just a few key ways that AI, when applied mindfully, empowers more personalized CX interactions.

Learning to be proactive

Through AI-powered machine learning, brands can better track the journeys and preferences of their shoppers. This data could inform proactive outreach, like showing complementary or up-sellable products for customers with certain histories to drive greater loyalty with that shopper and potentially new revenue.

Empowering personalized bots

AI-powered chatbots are becoming ubiquitous in ecommerce, letting companies infuse customer and brand information into fully automated conversations. This way, shoppers never feel a loss of that personal touch.

Leveraging AI-driven insights

The collective information drawn and synthesized by AI provides massive upgrades in terms of the insights available to brands. AI can identify overarching shopper and audience trends to help CX leaders staff and manage their workforce more effectively.

Personalization within brand contexts

AI and machine learning can synthesize the habits of consumers with the needs, values, and even revenue goals of your brand. When applied, this allows the AI to instantly identify the best solution to service issues that protect the bottom line. For instance, if the AI recognizes a customer is a loyal, repeat shopper, it’ll recommend reimbursement for a defunct or incorrect product rather than requiring them to go through the return process. This maintains the valuable loyalty you’ve created with that customer by identifying the best possible financial return, knowing the act of service will be repaid in repeat business multiple times over.

TUMI Sees Increased Sales With Personalized Messaging

Seeing an opportunity to be more targeted in its marketing, luggage retailer TUMI ditched its mass email campaigns in favor of personalized messaging. With AI-powered personalization from Gladly’s advanced service platform, TUMI was able to deepen customer relationships and even bolster its ecommerce presence against consumer giants like Amazon.

Incorporating Augmented (AI–Plus–Human) Intelligence

Augmented intelligence refers to the combination of automation and human-driven interactions. Enhancing customer service capabilities through augmented intelligence can look like:

  • Proactively suggesting the best answer so customer service agents can quickly deliver responses based on existing knowledge about the customer.
  • Simplifying dispositioning by removing unnecessary stakeholders in a customer conversation, and automatically routing to the best-equipped agent.
  • Automating the manual work involved in service tasks, like recording personal details or pulling up customer histories. This lets agents move faster, and focus on more hands-on tasks.
  • Proposing real-time upsell and cross-sell opportunities for agents to identify and implement into daily customer conversations, giving them a chance to create new revenue opportunities for their brand.

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Putting AI to Work for CX

From making support more proactive to helping agents personalize shopper interactions, AI is pivotal in equipping brands for the modern customer’s expectations. This technology also helps businesses stay ahead of their competition in a tightening landscape.

All CX teams can benefit from the implementation of AI. To learn more about how to use AI to improve the customer experience at your company, try a demo of Gladly.


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