Real time pulse of your contact center

Monitor day to day contact center activity with a live view of your contact center performance, agent activity, and trending topics across all channels.

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True cross-channel visibility

Get a real-time view of what's happening across all your channels to spot and correct performance issues, such as long wait and handle times.

Smarter staffing decisions on the fly

Monitor your team's availability across every channel to ensure you are staffed to handle every inbound conversation.

Hear Your Customers

See what your customers are talking about to quickly address, escalate, and resolve hot topic issues.

"Easy peasy. Since using Gladly, my team's work flow has been seamless and the liveboards to track team work is my favorite part of reporting. Gladly has been a thrill to work with."

Administrator in Retail
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Key Features

Monitor day to day contact center activity with real time dashboards.

Conversation Trends

Monitor the number of customers waiting for a response from your team and track the number of incoming and closed conversations.

Agent Activity

See what agents are working on, who is available across every channel, and who is away on break.

Trending Topics

Get visibility of the trending topics your customers are talking about to address current issues.

Quick Filters

Adjust the dashboards to view performance metrics, agent activity, and trending topics by different inboxes and teams.

Channel Statistics

Monitor the activity on each channel by tracking the total number of new, active, completed, and outgoing messages and calls.

Performance Trends

Get insights about your performance across all channels, such as interaction times, wait times, and SLA attainment

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