All your channel insights, all in one place

Gladly gives you visibility into each customer's journey across channels with reporting that combines metrics for native voice, email, chat, SMS, and messaging.

Improve agent performance and customer satisfaction

Track agent performance across channels to uncover coaching opportunities and identify recurring support issues to improve answers for agents and self-service.

Customize reporting to maximize value

It's your data, access it the way you want. Create your own dashboards and reports within Gladly, or export your data with Gladly APIs, webhooks, and CSV downloads.

Key Features

The visibility you need to optimize agent and customer experience.


Liveboards provide a real-time, up-to-date report on your organization’s performance. Proactively uncover opportunities to help agents, identify trending support topics, review routing outcomes across channels, and more.


Gladly tracks hundreds of metrics on agents, customer contacts, and conversations across channels. We’ve curated out-of-the-box reports that make it easy to understand your business and automatically share with your team.

Insight Builder

Use your Gladly data to customize reports in minutes and share them with managers through tailored dashboards, in just a few clicks.


Integrate Gladly with your Business Intelligence tool by calling our REST API. Use Gladly's APIs to create a comprehensive export of customer experience data and build custom reports.


Subscribe to webhooks within Gladly to provide real-time application integration, or poll an API, to get data delivered to other applications when you need it most.

Event Streaming

Design rules and custom workflows to route your data in real-time. Event Streaming will help you create applications that respond to your data sources in real-time. Using AWS EventBridge, Gladly can send data and activate other services like Amazon Kinesis streams, AWS Lambda, and Amazon SNS.

See Insights in Action


"The customer-centric model makes it easy to see the customer's entire history and context, which allows a seamless experience across all communication channels and builds efficiency between our CS agents. The reports give us a way to track KPIs and consumer trends that we're then able to report to other business partners."

Katheryn J
Communications and Training Specialist

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