Drive efficiency in
your contact center

Give agents a complete view of the customer across every channel to deliver personalized service at scale.

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Maximize workload capacity

Match your customers to the best-fit service hero to eliminate agent collision, reduce transfers between heroes, and close conversations with fewer exchanges.

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Boost agent productivity

A complete view of the customer means your service heroes no longer ask customers for information they should already know, while short-cut tools, like auto-complete, help them save time and increase their velocity.

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Optimize for cost-efficient channels

Quickly implement a multi-channel customer service approach that helps you maximize the use of cost-efficient channels and minimize telephony costs.

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Drive operational efficiency

Help your agents boost productivity across every channel.

Consolidate contacts into a customer conversation​

Attribute contacts directly to the customer to give agents full conversational context and eliminate the possibility of multiple service heroes helping the same customer.

Match customers to the best service hero

Match customers to the service hero with the skillsets fit to fulfill the request to minimize agent transfers and close conversations with fewer exchanges.

Help customers help themselves​

Provide a diverse set of self-service options, via phone, web, and in-application, that allow customers to get answers to common questions, allowing your service heroes to help customers with more complex issues.

Auto-respond to simple request​s

Create rules that automatically send out-of-the-box responses to customers based on the context of their message, allowing your service heroes to help customers with more complex issues.

Eliminate the recap and repeats

Avoid wasting time on recap and repeats with an all-in-one view of the customer allowing service heroes to quickly know who they're talking to and gain context of past conversations.

Streamline repetitive work ​

Utilize short-cut tools like automated tasks, pre-set signatures, and out-of-the-box answers that help your service heroes cut down on repetitive work and increase their velocity.

Get service heroes trained quickly​

Introduce an intuitive platform that mimics traditional messaging software to get your service heroes up and running in just hours, helping you reduce your cost of training.

Concurrent messaging in a single pane of glass​

Make it easy for service heroes to help multiple customers concurrently with a solution that has all channels natively built-in.

Meet customers on cost-efficient channels​

Minimize your telephony costs by optimizing your channel mix with cost-efficient channels like SMS, chat, and social messaging.

Use trending topics to drive self-service content​

Track trending topics to tailor your knowledge base content towards common questions that customers can self-serve, allowing your service heroes to help customers with more complex issues.

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''We get 1,000 inbounds from our customers and instead of 1,000 tickets, we have 700 conversations. We've been sending people home early!''

Drew Chamberlain
Director of Operations and
Customer Experience at JOANN

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