We believe pricing should be simple and straightforward. With Gladly, you only pay for what you use and you get all channels — including voice — built-in and integrated, along with all our other features.

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Seriously, voice is included

Get everything you need to run a customer-centric contact center, from your first ten customers to a few thousand. We require a 10 seat minimum for customer facing users.

  • Channels Built In Voice, email, sms, in-app, social and more all ready to go, out of the box.
  • Make It Your Own Build a world that works for you with robust integrations.
  • Consumption-Based Only pay for what you use, when you need it. Scale up during busy months.
  • Intelligent Routing Connect customers to the right agent at the right time, always.
  • Self-Service A unified answers database for agents and your customers.
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I really don’t need a separate Voice platform anymore?

Yes, really! All our channels are home grown, built-in, out of the box, and ready to go. This includes Voice, IVR, SMS, Email, Social, Chat, In-App, and everywhere else your customers want to be met. No need to go do anymore channel shopping, we're happy to be your one-stop shop.

What do you mean by pay only for what you need?

We get it, peak seasons can present staffing challenges, but we don't believe you should have to pay a whole years seat price for an agent that might only work 2-3 months during the year. We only charge you for the months you need more seats, not for the whole year.

What’s the difference between a Customer Facing user and Task User?

Customer-facing users are those users who are directly supporting your customers. These are your day to day front line agents. Task based users are those users who do not directly support nor engage with customers but work in Gladly to assign tasks and collaborate internally to help solve customer issues.

Are telecom fees included?

They are not included - however, we pass through these costs directly to you without any markup.

Are payment transaction fees included?

With Gladly, you can collect payments from your customers via Chat Payments. While chat payments functionality is offered at no extra cost, we do pass through a per-transaction fee for each completed payment transaction.

Do you help with data migration from my current platform?

In short, yes! As part of our implementation process we will ensure your customer conversation history is imported into Gladly from your current platform.

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