Radically simple pricing

Customer service platform pricing that works 
the way you do. Pay only for what you use.




per user / month
10-seat minimum & annual contract​

Support agents who communicate directly with customers​

Talk to Sales
  • Communicate on all channels, out-of-the-box
  • Meet customers on their favorite digital channels (SMS, chat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, WhatsApp, and more)
  • Converse via voice
  • Work with Apps like Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce and more…out of the box
  • Leverage agent tools and built-in machine learning​
  • Enjoy SSO
  • Access unified answers database for customer self-service and help center
  • Seamlessly add staff for holidays and seasonal peaks



per user / month​

Team members who execute on assigned tasks.

Only available with Support Hero subscription

  • Complete work on behalf of the customer
  • Process tasks assigned by Service or Support users and add notes
  • Get full access to view lifetime of customer conversation.
  • Enjoy SSO
  • Access unified answers database for customer self-service and help center



unlimited per organization

Team members who manage teams and operations.

Only available with Support Hero subscription

  • View any information within Gladly​
  • Access real-time dashboards and historical reports for insights and analytics
  • Enjoy SSO
  • Access unified answers database for customer self-service and help center​

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I really don’t need a separate Voice platform anymore?

Yes, really. All our channels are home grown, built-in, out of the box, and ready to go. This includes Voice, IVR, SMS, Email, Social, Chat, In-App, and everywhere else your customers are.​

What do you mean by pay only for what you need?​

We get it, peak seasons can present staffing challenges, but we don't believe you should have to pay a whole years seat price for an agent that might only work 2-3 months during the year. We only charge you for the months you need more seats, not for the whole year.​

What’s the difference between a Customer Facing user and Task User?​

Customer-facing users are those users who are directly supporting your customers. These are your day to day front line agents. Task based users are those users who do not directly support nor engage with customers but work in Gladly to assign tasks and collaborate internally to help solve customer issues.​

Are telecom fees included?

They are not included and charged in addition to our standard pricing.​

Are payment transaction fees included?

With Gladly, you can collect payments from your customers via Chat Payments. While chat payments functionality is offered at no extra cost, we do pass through a per-transaction fee for each completed payment transaction.​

Do you help with data migration from my current platform?

In short, yes! As part of our implementation process we will ensure your customer conversation history is imported into Gladly from your current platform.​