About Gladly Connect Live

Gladly Connect Live is an annual CX event where industry experts, customer service professionals, and leaders from the world’s most influential brands gather to share practical insights, best practices, and winning strategies to deepen customer relationships and strengthen brand loyalty.

Who is Gladly Connect for?

CX Leaders and Enthusiasts

Individuals invested in boosting agent productivity, reducing churn, and transforming their customer service center into a revenue generator.

Ambitious CS Agents

Professionals interested in hearing new ideas and practical insights that can help improve their day-to-day and take their career further.

Gladly Customers

Companies who have made customer service their business with Gladly and are looking for fresh insights, best practices, and winning strategies from their peers.

Partners and Developers

Those eager to see what’s on Gladly’s product roadmap and help deliver on our promise to build a customer service platform with people at the center.

Insights from 2024

Hear the valuable takeaways and profound lessons learned by Gladly Connect Live 2024 attendees.

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Relive the most memorable Gladly Connect Live moments from previous years.

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Discover how leading brands blend AI and human support to drive exceptional customer experiences.


Watch Gladly Connect Live 2023 On Demand

Learn new ways to deepen customer relationships and strengthen brand loyalty.

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Watch Gladly Connect Live 2022 On Demand

Explore what it means to deliver radically personal customer service.

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