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Accept payments through messaging channels​

Add another revenue stream by accepting payments through messaging channels. Keep customers where they are to complete transactions and drive more sales.

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Turn agents into effective sellers

Empower agents to drive sales, provide personalized recommendations, turn returns into exchanges and help customers complete purchases.

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Reduce cart abandonments and lost sales — no need to transfer customers to other and more expensive channels.

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Simple and secure

Give customers peace-of-mind with a payments process that complies with industry standards.

"By meeting customers on their preferred channels, and simplifying transactions across channels, Gladly’s Payments helps us improve the shopping experience, drive sales, and deliver customer service that people love and we’re known for.”
Kate Showater
Senior Director, Customer Service and PMO at Crate & Barrel
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Key Features

PCI Compliant

Payment information is passed through a secure tunnel. Gladly is PCI DSS Level 2 Certified.

No Integrations Required

No costly integrations are required with 3rd party systems. All included with Gladly out of the box.

Web Collection Form

Input fields are secure and familiar, complying with industry standards.

Get Agents Up & Running Quickly

A simple and intuitive experience for agents makes it easy to get them trained quickly.

Configurable Time Limits

Only the agent who requests the credit card information will be able to view it and they will only be able to view if for a limited period of time (configurable by customer).

Revenue Reporting

Reports to understand overall revenue generated by the contact center. Additionally, a report by agent to track individual performance and set revenue targets and goals.

Real-Time Agent Updates

Real-time updates are delivered to the agent for when the consumer has finished entering their credit card information and/or if they reject the option to enter their credit card information.

Credit Card Masking

If a customer accidentally enters their CC information through the regular chat window (not the secure form), the credit card information is automatically masked.

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