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Natively built-in voice support

Gladly’s natively built-in Voice delivers personal and hassle-free call support with no separate integrations required.

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Seriously, voice is included

Full-featured call controls, global coverage, and effortless reporting to make sure all of your enterprise phone channel needs are covered within a single customer software solution.

Seamlessly switch between channels

Give customers the option to switch to more convenient channels such as SMS or Email to make communication all about choice.

Personal by design

Pull in customer context from the IVR interaction for faster, more convenient service so your customers always feel known right at the start of the conversation.

En masse on Voice

Deliver important information—like delivery statuses or appointment timings—to large swaths of your customers in one, automated go. And for those customers who need a little extra help, a human agent is just a touch of a key away.

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"The Gladly platform and the Gladly team are best in class. The platform is easy use and really intuitive to set up, espectially when integrating with Shopify."
Kate MacCabe
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Key Features

Natively built-in, enterprise-ready, Voice & IVR delivers phone support the way it should be — personal and hassle-free.

Customer Routing

Route incoming calls using based on the customer history, situation, or needs — like their location or lifetime value to ensure they get to the right hero every time.

Proactive Voice

Schedule automated, proactive outreach—in bulk—to your customers with personalized and timely messages. Then offer them an easy route to human help over phone or SMS if they need it.

Enterprise Grade Call Controls

Including—hold, mute, pause, outbound calling, transfer, warm transfer, business hours, call conferencing, caller ID, agent statuses, voicemails, call recordings, call notes, call disposition and more.

Programmable IVR

A built-in IVR that uses rich customer insights to make the experience feel just as easy as talking to a hero. Cloud based, fully programmable, touchtone & voice recognition, and text-to-speech in 30 languages.

Reporting & Documentation

See Voice & IVR live-boards and reporting to instantly understand what customers are talking about. Utilize call documentation — including notes, dispositions and call recordings to manage quality assurance.

Secure & Scalable

With a high degree of focus on security, scalability and quality including PCI & GDPR compliance, data centers in 9 regions around the world, proactive carrier rerouting, and low latency detection monitors.

Customer service is at its best when it’s a conversation.

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Customer service is at its best when it's a conversation. Start one today.