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Gladly puts people at the center of every experience.

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Know customers by their name, not their case number

Gladly is a customer service platform that puts people — not tickets or case numbers — at the center. Every conversation, whether led by a customer service hero or AI, starts with a clear understanding of who the customer is and what they’re reaching out about.

This deep familiarity ensures highly personalized experiences and matches customers with the right information, action, or hero — all in real time.

Make customer service personal

Gladly was built from the ground up with a singular focus — people, not tickets.

Personal is proven efficient

Explore how we help leading brands deliver customer service the way it should be, with people at the center.

People Match

In just one month, JOANN reduced its support backlog by 93% — all while managing a 25% holiday surge without extra staff. On average, they saw a 30% consolidation of total workload (vs. tickets).


consolidation of total workload

People Match

By having the power to prioritize and respond to passengers with urgent needs, Breeze Airways achieved 70% faster response times, saving their passengers 200,000 hours.


faster response times

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