Drive revenue from
your contact center

Turn your customer service department from a cost center into a revenue generator with radically personal customer experiences.

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Turn agents into natural sellers

Develop a revenue-minded culture across your service team to make hyper-personalized recommendations and capture customers with high purchase intent.

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Create a concierge program

Assign a focused team of agents who provide concierge-level service to your highest value customers to increase CLTV and drive brand loyalty.

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Make payments easy

Complete credit card transactions and minimize payment friction on digital messaging channels.

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Ready to drive more revenue?

Turn your customer service department from a cost center into a revenue generator with radically personal customer experiences.

Take VIP to the next level

Drive deeper relationships with high-value customers by routing them to dedicated agents who know everything about them — including what their preferences and past purchases — building brand loyalty and customers for life.

Leverage online experts

Increase sales by matching customers to subject-matter experts best able to help them. If they're on a page about camping gear, route them to the avid camper on your team who has the most knowledge about the product.

Prioritize customers with high purchase-intent

Route customers with high lifetime value and average order spend to the front of the line. Match with agents who have high-sales instincts and proven track records of completing purchases.

Reach out to them, before they reach out to you

Proactively send messages to your customers at the right time so you don't lose them — like if you've seen them spend time on your website, you can help guide them to the cart and complete their purchase.

Make hyper-personalized recommendations

With rich-customer information all in a single-view, you will know everything about your customer and can leverage data like past purchases and preferences to create thoughtful, and authentic up-sell opportunities.

Create a frictionless payments process

Drive more revenue online by completing payments where your customers are. With the ability to take payments on messaging channels, no need to transfer them to other, or more expensive channels to complete the transaction.

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"By meeting customers on their preferred channels, and simplifying transactions across channels, Gladly’s Payments helps us improve the shopping experience, drive sales, and deliver customer service that people love and we’re known for.”

Kate Showalter
Vice President, Customer Care and Strategic PMO

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