Route by who they are

Route the customer by their status and current sentiment, like a VIP or upset customer who might require special attention.

Route by their situation

Route the customer by the context of their situation and the overall urgency of the request, like a flight cancelation or an abandoned cart.

Route by what they need

Route the customer to the agent with the best set of skills and knowledge to help, like a billing expert or a Spanish speaking hero.

Key Features

Connect customers to the right hero at the right time.

Capacity Based Routing

Set the number of customers a service hero can assist at any given time across all real-time messaging channels to ensure customers get the attention they deserve.

Dedicated Hero

Create a one-to-one relationship between a customer and a service hero. A customer automatically gets routed to their dedicated hero first, no matter what channel they use - from phone to email to text and chat.

Proactive Assignments

Service heroes will automatically get pushed the most important message or call until they reach standard messaging capacity.

Reassignment Rules

Set your own thresholds on when to transfer customers to a new service hero or inbox to prevent customers from falling through the cracks.

Customer History

Every conversation— regardless of channel— is in a single view under a customer profile, creating a complete timeline of activity with your brand regardless of where a customer is routed.

Channel Switch

When a situation changes, a customer’s issue might best be resolved using a different channel. Customers can switch channels mid conversation without getting routed to a new service hero or losing the thread.

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"Gladly helps us keep humans in the forefront of how we interact, routing customers to the same agents, and offering the continuity, historical knowledge, and empathetic insight of that agent."

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