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Our #1-rated customer service platform, built to power a highly effective and personalized support experience by centering processes and automation around people, not tickets.

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With Hero,

  • operational costs reduce
  • inbound volume decreases
  • agent efficiency improves
  • revenue increases

Every aspect of Gladly Hero is crafted around helping the customer, so agents are more successful and customers always receive the exceptional service they’ve come to expect from your brand.

Brands use Gladly to drive loyalty and boost efficiency

100% Customer-Centered Interactions

Every conversation starts with a clear understanding of the customer, leading to more personalized experiences.

Customers Start Self-Serving

With a built-in knowledge base deployed across channels, customers get the answers they need without human assistance.

Agents Turn Into Brand Heroes

A modern messaging UI offers powerful automation and AI capabilities, earning Gladly the #1 Easiest to Use ranking on G2 Crowd.

Conversations Are Unified

All customer outreach — regardless of channel — flows into a single view, so context is never lost and follow-up is seamless.

Live Reporting & Metrics Exist in One View

A live view of your contact center across channels makes it easy to see what’s going on and make real-time adjustments.

Hero Drives Results for Teams of All Sizes

Scaling Support Teams

Adds customer-preferred channels — like chat, and SMS — and unifies every interaction regardless of the channel into a single, lifetime view.

Rapidly-Growing Brands

Equips high-volume teams with AI-powered features that promote hyper-personalized customer experiences at scale.

Global Enterprise Teams

Leverages data and integrations to drive personalization and route support based on urgency and custom prioritization.

Key Hero Features

Data-Rich Customer Profile

When agents know who customers are in the first 5 seconds, building relationships becomes simple.

Ticket-Free Customer Service

Within a single view, agents can trace customer movement across channels so important context is never lost.

Trending Contact Reasons

Easily spot changes in customer contact reasons from a daily dashboard, allowing for proactive support outreach.

Ongoing Conversation Timeline

Every customer interaction – regardless of channel – flows into a single view.

Intelligent Routing with People Match

Elevate interactions by routing customers by scenario – like their LTV, preferred language, or issue type.

Secure Payments on Messaging Channels

Accepting payments on customer-preferred digital channels captures more transactions and CX-driven sales.

Robust Customer App Platform

Work with preferred partners to integrate customer data in Gladly and achieve your customer service goals.


Rapidly growing retail brand Birdies used Hero to scale their support team and create more efficiencies for agents – leading to 69% of customers using self-service.


first call resolution on chat


Fabric and craft brand JOANN used Hero and Sidekick to deliver 24/7 personalized support at scale, reducing their email response times by 70% and cutting support hero onboarding to just 5 days.


decrease in backlog


After switching from a legacy CX system, Peak Design leveraged Hero and Sidekick to deliver higher customer satisfaction – a 97% CSAT score – with zero conversations lost in their queue.


saved by leaving legacy system

Achieve your CX goals with Gladly

Customer service leaders rated Gladly #1 in driving results for our customers. See how Hero can drive growth for your brand today.

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