Only Gladly makes customer service radically personal

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No tickets or cases, just people

With Gladly there are no concepts of tickets or cases, everything revolves around your customers. In every other platform the ticket is at the center of the experience and the ticket is just routed to the next available agent without any customer context. We believe the days of asking customers for their order number and what their problem is are gone.

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One lifelong conversation vs an endless mess of duplicate tickets

When you ditch tickets, all conversations, across all channels, are tied to your customers profile in a single place. Gladly is people-centered and not ticket centered, all communications across all channels, are part of a single conversation timeline. We call this being channel independent.

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All channels out of the box, no add-ons required

Voice, email, text, chat, and more all built-in natively to the platform so you no longer have to bolt-on disparate third party channels and your agents can respond across all channels during a conversation from a single screen. We’ve built a complete software based phone system with IVR, voice recordings, conferencing, and everything you’d need - all delivered into the browser.

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A true single view of the customer

Gladly brings together purchase history, past communications, and all customer channels in the same view. Our integrations make it easy to create personalized customer experiences unique to your business and work with the applications your teams already love.

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Self-service that’s part of the conversation

We support building FAQs and help centers. Sidekick, our chat widget, puts the full power of your FAQ on every page of your website or natively in your mobile app. When a customer uses Sidekick and starts a conversation with the support hero, the customer’s self service history is all part of the conversation. This means your support heroes won’t give the customer the same answer they already found on their own. Radically personal service means helping customers help themselves as well.

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Why Choose Gladly?

Drive Revenue

Make every customer feel known right from hello.

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10% increase in average contact center generated revenue

Drive Efficiency

Build meaningful relationships across all channels.

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20% increase in average agent efficiency

Decrease Costs

Turn your agents into customer service heroes.

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40% reduction in average contact center technologies
See What Our Customers Have To Say

''We get 1,000 inbounds from our customers and instead of 1,000 tickets, we have 700 conversations. We've been sending people home early!''

Drew Chamberlain
Director of Operations and
Customer Experience at JOANN

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