Why Having SOC 2 Type II Compliance Matters in CX — Q&A With Expert

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When brands think about the important qualities they want in their CX solutions, data compliance – like SOC 2 Type II compliance – might not be at the top of their list. But keeping your customers’ information safe is crucial: not just to avoid a legal issue, but also to reinforce your commitment to quality.

In pursuing the highest standards of data security, Gladly recently achieved SOC 2 Type II certification, marking a new high point in our technical safety. To explain what this achievement means, we spoke with our own Patrick Hood, Security and Compliance Manager, about what makes data protection and careful data management so important for CX technology, and how Gladly exemplifies that ability.

What is SOC 2 Type II Certification?

Developed by the American Institute of CPAs, SOC 2 Type II is a widely recognized financial auditing standard awarded based on the security of an organization’s systems and data management.

Technology and cloud service providers that achieve this level of security use these reports to show customers their commitment to data security and privacy. Type II, also known as the Trust Services Criteria, focuses on the following categories:

  • Oversight of the organization
  • Vendor management programs
  • Internal corporate governance and risk management processes
  • Regulatory oversight

Understanding the Importance of Data Compliance in CX

When brands know their data — and that of their customers — is in good hands and that their organization is protected from a breach or loss, they can focus on the other essential elements of their business.

Below, Gladly’s Security and Compliance Manager, Patrick Hood, discusses the importance of data safety and how it works in the context of CX.

1. How does data compliance contribute to high-quality customer service and experiences?

PH: Data compliance gives the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your trusted partners are serious about not only your security, but your customers’ security as well. Your customers know that the brand they love also loves protecting their personal information. Data compliance is a badge of honor and you can worry less about security and focus on what really matters: the high-quality customer service your brand is known for.

2. Why is SOC 2 Type II such a big achievement for Gladly?

PH: SOC 2 Type II is an internationally accredited information security compliance certification that shows that Gladly goes above and beyond when it comes to protecting your data and your customers’ data. We can not only show that at any point in time, your data is secure, but we can show a track record of it always being secure at any point during the year. Gladly is proud to achieve accreditation in SOC 2 Type II, and will always continue to raise its standards of information security for the safety and security of its brands and customers.

3. What happens to brands that don’t work with data-compliant partners?

PH: At the end of the day, image and reputation as a brand is important. Customers are demanding more from their brands, especially in cybersecurity. Brands that do not work with data-compliant partners put their customers and the brand at risk. Data breaches are more prevalent than ever and the costs are skyrocketing. It’s not only about the safety of data but also about the safety of the business and the brand.

The Gladly Commitment to SOC 2

To maintain the status of our new SOC 2 Type II certification, Gladly will perform an annual audit each Q2 to renew this position and continue excellent security and compliance practices for years to come. Our customers can even access and review the status of our renewal via our Trust portal to see how we’ve achieved this compliance.

When choosing a CX partner, conduct the necessary audit of how they’ll take care of you — not just to serve your customers, but to protect your data. Be sure to select companies like Gladly that adhere to high standards of compliance so there’s no lapse in security at any point in the way you do business.


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