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Customers feel known and agents are more empowered in their roles with Gladly’s customer service AI.

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Accelerate your path to irrational customer loyalty

Gladly’s AI acts as an extension of your team, with full knowledge of both your brand and your customers. It knows where to find answers, when and how to take action, and when to ask for help, resulting in faster support resolutions, lower handle times, and more efficient customer service agents.

Gladly’s AI shifts the tone of automated support from deflection to delight, unlocking meaningful, personal service experiences that drive irrational loyalty.

Deliver faster, more efficient resolutions

Gladly’s AI enables both customers and agents from start to finish, powering effective and personal service experiences across all support channels.

Radically personal customer service, at scale

Discover how leading brands are finding success with our customer service AI.


Sidekick helped Allbirds automate top contact reasons, freeing up support heroes and boosting team productivity.


resolution rate

Gladly AI

With Gladly AI, Nordstrom was able to quickly reduce wrap-up time, minimize language barriers, and deliver more empathetic customer experiences.


reduction in wrap-up time

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