Natively built-in text support

Meet your customers through their favorite on-the-go channel and make it easy for them to switch channels when they want, keeping every conversation in a single thread.

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Meet your customers on the go

You can help your customers through text when they’re on the go or at a place where a phone call isn't possible.

Seamlessly switch between channels

Start a conversation on the phone and continue it through text when needed — both conversations are kept in a single thread for lifelong context.

Simultaneous support

Agents can interact with multiple customers at the same time while still being able to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

"A very clean and modern approach to customer service. Gladly has a clean UI and intuitive approach to viewing customers as people with multiple conversations in one interface."
Chrisitan Calawa
Workforce Data Analyst at Crate and Barrel
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Key Features

Meet your customers on the channel they prefer and seamlessly switch between channels when necessary.

Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages and rich media, just as you normally would. Data and carrier rates would apply.

Concurrent Messaging

Talk to your customers on multiple channels at the same time. Simultaneously text things like confirmation numbers while you're on the phone without needing to switch systems.

Pricing That's Practical

Telecom fees are passed through to you at cost, no markups.

Programmable Messaging

Support and customize opt-in/out keywords to trigger automatic replies.

IVR to Text Message

Direct calls from IVR to Text Message so that your customers can get quicker help, and your agents can help more people in less time.

Messaging Short Codes

Send text messages with a 5 or 6-digit number when you need to send a message to lots of users or need to send time-sensitive messages.

Globally Tested Phone Numbers

SMS phone numbers available in 30+ countries with MMS-enabled numbers in US and Canada using the same SMS phone number.

Answers Built-In

Since all of our channels are built in, that can include answers too. Create and use the same answers for multiple channels like Text Message, Facebook and Twitter.

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