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24/7 self-service

Provide customers with personalized information, like updates on order status or their loyalty points balance when they don't feel like talking to an agent or they aren't available to take a call.

Own your IVR

With a fully native and customizable IVR, you can make changes to your messages or menu configurations when you want, how you want, improving the customer experience along the way.

More choice that's less costly

Give customers more choice by giving them the option to switch from IVR to SMS, reducing inbound phone requests and decreasing overall voice costs.

Skip the recap

Arm agents with all the context your customers already provided in your IVR, so they can skip the frustrating recap, and delight customers with an effortless experience.

Key Features

Increase self-service and lower contact center costs with our natively-built and fully customizable IVR.

Multi-level IVR

Precisely route customers to the correct agent with a multi-level IVR that has flexible menus for inbound calls.


When phone volumes start ramping up, offer customers a faster path to resolution through messaging channels like SMS.

Contextual callbacks

Increase satisfaction and agent efficiency by offering callbacks that are all about context and channel choice.

Advanced speech recognition

IVRs can more accurately understand a customer's request and empower them to self-serve or quickly be transferred to an agent.

Smart call routing

Route to the correct agent using IVR inputs or even bypass the menu depending on the number that was dialed.

Robust admin tools

Admins have the ability to View, Add & Edit IVR nodes within the phone tree, and even listen to voice recordings that play when a call passes through a Menu or Message node.

Data dips

Collect inputs from the customer and dip into another system to output data to the customer.

Quick setup

Admins can set up IVR trees quickly and autonomously—no Gladly involvement required.

Radically Personal Customer Service

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Customer service is at its best when it's a conversation. Start one today.
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Customer service is at its best when it's a conversation. Start one today.