3 Customer Experience Ideas Inspired by Taylor Swift

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Whether you love her and own every album or quickly change the station when her songs come on, there’s a reason Taylor Swift is one of the biggest pop stars of this century. Catchy tunes and relatable lyrics aside, few artists offer their fans the same level of creative and personable experiences as the 12-time Grammy Awards-winner.

Like Taylor and her mega-loyal “Swifties,” some of the biggest ways companies can differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace is through exceptional and memorable customer experiences. It’s time to get inspired — here are three customer experience ideas worth writing a song about.

The Story of Us Starts With Getting Up Close and Personal

Taylor is known for tracking her fans on social media — or, as they’ve labeled it, #Taylurking — sending them thoughtful messages and mailing some of The Lucky Ones personalized gifts complete with handwritten notes. She’s also paid off her fans’ student loans, donated to fans financially impacted by the pandemic, and sent one fan flowers after a car accident.

What brands can do

You can make Sparks Fly by delivering surprise, delight, and other personal gestures to unsuspecting customers. Chubbies, for example, grabbed headlines for sending a high school student karate lessons to defend himself after his pair of Chubbies got stolen from his locker.

Good news — there’s no need to splash out on pricey tchotchkes! Building deeper connections with customers can be as simple as personalizing interactions. Using tools like Customer Profiles from Gladly, customer service agents can reference a customer’s purchase history and ask them how they’re enjoying their orders. You can even get an instant snapshot of their preferences (such as their favorite color) and the people they care about (like their spouse or children).

Gladly Pro Tip

Building meaningful connections with customers pays off. In fact, our research has found that 32% of consumers would “fall in love” with a brand because of great service, while 59% of customers would recommend a brand to a friend for the same reason. To earn these brand advocates, explore more opportunities to surprise and delight customers to earn their loyalty.

Get Out Of The Woods By Embracing Change

As encapsulated by the Eras Tour, Taylor has continuously evolved her music, style, and brand over the years, from country to cottagecore. By embracing change, she’s managed to not only stay relevant but also endear herself to new fans over the years.

What brands can do

Don’t be a one-hit wonder; instead, fill up your CX Blank Space by continuously innovating and adapting your customer service offerings to changing consumer preferences and needs. Instead of shying away from new technologies — like generative AI — use them to level up customer experiences.

Just take a look at Crate & Barrel. The company recently implemented Gladly Sidekick, our new AI and automation platform that facilitates personalized self-service. The result? Happier customers whose routine requests — such as returns and exchanges — are immediately met, while those with more complex questions are instantly matched to the right customer service hero based on their individual needs.

Gladly Pro Tip

Our research has found that customer service agents are eager to jump on these new opportunities — in fact, 62% of them want ongoing training opportunities to help them grow and stay on top of the latest industry trends. But before you shop for new solutions to support your staff, it's important to check if your customer service is ready for technology advances like AI.

Long Live Your Biggest Fans

Throughout her career, Taylor has repeatedly emphasized that much of her success can be attributed to her fans, and, unsurprisingly, she’s rewarded the biggest Swifties accordingly.

For example, to celebrate the release of her 1989 and Reputation albums, Taylor hosted Secret Sessions for selected fans, during which they got to preview her new songs and spend a day hanging out at her home.

What brands can do

It’s time to tell your fans: I Can See You. Transform repeat customers into full-fledged brand champions by acknowledging top customers through exclusive experiences and rewards, including special events, giveaways, and freebies.

When it comes to customer experience ideas that celebrate loyalty, the sky’s the limit — you can take a page out of Rare Beauty’s playbook and offer free Eras Tour tickets, deliver a baggage claim holiday miracle a la Westjet, and even create an entire Customer Happiness Team dedicated to delivering these personalized experiences, as Bombas did.

Your CX Love Story Starts Here

There’s no fandom quite like the Swifties: they’ve pushed Taylor’s music up the charts, sold out her concerts in minutes, and decoded every Easter egg in her music videos. While your company may not have this level of diehard fans who (quite literally) track your every move, it’s clear that investing in high-quality customer experiences will earn their loyalty and drive your growth over time.

Looking for more customer experience ideas that can help you build closer relationships with your customers? Learn how with Gladly, you can deliver radically personal service across channels.


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