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Gladly brings together powerful AI, empowered agents, and rich customer context to create radically personal service experiences.

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Empower your customers and your agents

Gladly helps you deliver the right combination of generative AI and human support to make every customer service experience you deliver your best.

With Sidekick — our collaborative, conversational self-service AI — routine requests are attended to 24/7 and customers are empowered to perform actions to resolve their own inquiries without human assistance, freeing up agents to prioritize high-value work that builds deeper customer relationships.

Provide radically personal service around the clock

Find the right balance of AI and human support to create exceptional
experiences, every time.

Strike the right balance of efficiency and empathy

Learn how Gladly is helping the world’s most loved brands create lifelong, loyal customers using assisted and self-service.


With Sidekick, Crate & Barrel customers get the answers they need quickly and agents are free to focus on on high-value conversations and upselling that directly contribute to $80 million in annual revenue brought in by the contact center alone.


reduction in tech spending

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