Medallia Agent Connect

Medallia Agent Connect is a customer feedback and quality management platform built specifically for customer service teams. Companies use Medallia Agent Connect to drive agent engagement and to measure and improve their service performance.

Get Started

With the Medallia Agent Connect integration, you can automatically trigger a Medallia Agent Connect CSAT survey at the end of a Gladly conversation as well as enhance your QA data with by pulling Gladly’s agent-level performance data into Medallia Agent Connect.

Improve Agent Performance

Seamlessly pull Gladly’s agent-level performance data into your coaching and QA programs to scale your service team more effectively. Team leaders will be able to manage larger pods of agents, and you’ll need fewer QA resources because of a more streamlined and effective agent feedback program.

Automatically Trigger Surveys

Make collecting feedback a breeze by automatically triggering your Medallia Agent Connect CSAT survey (via email or SMS) whenever a customer conversation is closed in Gladly. That way, you get valuable feedback from customers while the experience is still fresh for customers, without any added effort from yourself or your agents.

Give Agents Insight

With a customer’s CSAT survey results available right in the customer timeline, agents are armed with insight they can use to make a customer’s experience better, or address any concerns they expressed.

How To Get Started?

This integration is built out-of-the-box in partnership between Gladly and Medallia Agent Connect. Get started to initiate the set-up process with Medallia Agent Connect.