Hire a Customer Service Team (3-Part Checklist)

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Every ecommerce company needs to have the best possible support agents on their frontlines, acting as the customer service “face” of your brand to show shoppers you’ll do what it takes to earn their loyalty and, in turn, their long-term business. In order to hire customer service agents who are the perfect team members, make sure you’re checking the right boxes and bringing on the employees who will help you put your best foot forward.

This process can be tricky in the world of customer service, a department that is notorious for high levels of employee churn and temporary hiring. The average attrition rate across the industry was 42% in 2021, with those numbers climbing to 50% for enterprise-sized companies of 5,000 plus customer service agents.

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A 2021 study by Calabrio found that stress is the biggest factor in customer service agents leaving their jobs with 96% of those surveyed feeling acute stress levels that cause them to look elsewhere for employment. Therefore, for companies to ensure a good hire, customer service agents shouldn’t just be talented, communicative individuals who check all the below boxes.

Brands need to hire a customer service team with a system that empowers agents to find ongoing success in their roles. That way, qualified and capable agents don’t feel those typical stress levels that tend to push them out at other under-equipped contact centers. Agents equipped with a support platform like Gladly can take their retention-building abilities to new heights.


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The next time you hire customer service team members, use this checklist to make sure you get the most accurate picture of each candidate. That way, your fresh new faces can meet the necessary requirements of the job and ultimately have longevity in their roles with a commitment to take your customer experience to the next level.

How to Hire a Customer Service Team