Empower self-service

Embed frequently asked questions based on customer behavior and pages visited directly in your customer service chat widget.

Drive more revenue

Securely receive customer credit card information to help complete new purchases, provide up-sell opportunities, and drive more revenue through live chat.

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Turn ‘just browsing’ into checkouts

Identify and act on customer behavior to pop up the right message to customers at the right time, and route them to the best agent to close the sale. Then measure and fine tune your efforts with out-of-the-box reports.

Handle multiple conversations

Handle multiple live customer conversations at the same time while allowing customers to switch between channels.

Key Features

Help customers through a natively-built chat experience.

Chat Throttling

Manually or automatically control the number of incoming chats based on wait time or volume to increase customer satisfaction.

Concurrent Messaging

Agents can handle multiple conversations at the same time through chat and all other messaging channels — increasing agent efficiency and driving cost savings.


Self-serve with the live chat widget first. Customers can seamlessly transfer to an agent when they can't find an answer themselves. If the issue is too complex, the information is passed on to the agent so the customer doesn't need to repeat themselves.

Proactive Chat

Trigger automated chat messages to your customers based on behaviors like how long they've spent on a page, then route them to the team best-skilled to help.

Chat Payments

Complete transactions within a chat through the safe and secured transfer of credit card information.

No Gladly Logo Included

Full control over your web chat experience so that it's unique to your brand and designed based on your needs.

Chat Attachments

Send and receive photo or document attachments when words just aren't enough.

Prioritize Based on Landing Page

Route customers depending on the page they are on. If they are in the Cart, give them higher priority or route them to a sales-specific agent than someone who may be browsing a Contact Us page.

Channel-Specific Reporting

Get access to channel-specific reporting, like chat volume, SLAs and customer visits to see exactly how your customers are interacting with chat.

Localized Chat Experience

Configure the entire chat experience to be in a different language to match regional web experiences.

Chat Typing Indicators

Agents can see when customers are typing a message to them and customers can as well showing them that help is on the way.

URL Tracking

Agents can see their customer’s activity while chatting with them as they navigate through different pages on your website, giving all the context they need to provide more efficient support.

Hero AI

Make tone adjustments and update your text in one click with Gladly AI.

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"We're no longer treating customer like tickets, or having standalone, transactional interactions with our customers. With Gladly, our agents are empowered to treat customers like people."

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