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Every great customer experience (CX) is characterized by a seamless journey from the first interaction to the final sale. Ideally, good CX encourages shoppers to go through the experience again and again, so they become loyal to your brand. In pursuit of those lasting customer relationships, you need a customer experience audit checklist to see how your brand’s CX performance stacks up against modern customers’ expectations.

Auditing your CX this way is vital because great experiences improve customers’ perception of your brand’s value, creating stronger relationships that drive more revenue to your bottom line. As noted in our Customer Expectations Report, 72% of shoppers are willing to spend more with a brand that provides a great customer experience.


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What Is a Customer Experience Audit Checklist?

A customer experience audit checklist is a worksheet for ensuring each aspect of your shopper’s journey to purchase is effective.

Specific parts to analyze include the initial connections you make with shoppers and the continuing touchpoints along the journey. Then, you need to see what tools and tactics you use to make that process as simple and enjoyable as possible.

In particular, Gladly provides a range of tools to improve any aspect of your customer experience. Here are a few examples:

  • A conversation-driven system to replace old-school ticketed approaches that create more static, friction-heavy support experiences
  • Access to all popular modern channels, including growing ones like chat, SMS, and IVR, to ensure your agents can master all avenues of the customer experience and be present for customers wherever they are
  • Ability to take convenience to the next level by incorporating payments directly into channels so users can pay for products and services right in a chat or SMS conversation

Start evaluating your current performance with the customer experience audit checklist below. Then, take your brand to even greater heights by trying a demo of Gladly to see how an optimized support center can make all the difference in your customer experience.