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Your support service team deserves to have the tools they need to personalize and enhance every customer interaction. But with so many different customer service strategies and tools to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which best fits your brand.

Gladly products are designed to improve the lives of your customers, as well as your agents. We asked our users which Gladly features they enjoy most — so you can decide if they’re the right fit for you.


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Conversation Timeline

Given the volume of interactions a call center experiences in a single day, keeping track of every customer and conversation is next to impossible. That’s why the Gladly Conversation Timeline is designed to keep every customer interaction in a single, organized location.

Conversation Timeline helps your customer service agents personalize and prepare for every call. By providing access to historical information, shoppers are treated like human beings — not ticket numbers.

conversation timeline feature

The Crate & Barrel point of view

“Back in 2019, we were having tons of churn in email because of the way our email form worked. Emails weren’t coming in as conversations, so you could literally have 10 different emails from the same customer and they were counted as different tickets, and then you’d have to go and search for them and join them together. And then with Gladly, you can see the whole history of that conversation.”

People Match

A challenging aspect of customer service is being able to efficiently connect a customer with an agent who is equipped to answer their questions. This is what makes People Match one of our customers’ favorite Gladly features.

People Match intelligently routes shoppers to the right agent by matching expertise to the customer’s needs. This feature not only reduces shopper frustration but also helps to establish subject matter expertise among agents through repeated interactions in a single area of knowledge. This increases your agents’ value to your team and streamlines your customer service journey.

people match feature

The Our Place point of view

“People Match and the skills-based routing have also been really, really useful. One of the things that we’ve learned is that if we can keep people answering the same type of ticket repeatedly for a certain period of time, it allows them to be more efficient, and also just feel more comfortable.”

Auto-Route VIP Customers for a White-Glove Experience

🛑 Gladly users can assign high-value customers to a dedicated customer service hero. As long as the hero is available, the customer will always get routed to them — no matter the channel. This way, teams can track interactions with top-tier customers to measure the long-term results and viability of their specialty programs.

Gladly Answers

Your agents can’t be expected to know everything–luckily, with Gladly Answers, they don’t have to. Gladly Answers offers your agents a quick solution to customer questions — all without leaving the conversation timelines. By accessing a database of pre-made responses, your team can provide quick, consistent, and accurate solutions to every customer interaction.

answers feature

The Rothy’s point of view

“We leverage Gladly Answers in every single thing that we do. But we also leverage Gladly Answers in a way where we allow our agents to personalize it a little bit. So it’s not very robotic. And for me, that’s that white glove experience.”

Gladly Academy

There’s always room to learn something new about customer service. Using Gladly Academy, our customers have supercharged their employee training to get the most out of their Gladly experience. By empowering their team with access to valuable knowledge, they can ultimately provide a more beneficial experience for their shoppers.

The Bombas point of view

“We use Gladly Academy quite often. I think it’s pretty successful to be able to get foundational knowledge awareness from Gladly Academy. And then, if you’re interested as a team to translate and tailor that into the voice of your training.”

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