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I love how easy Gladly is for our heroes to use. Everything they need is right there in front of them. They can see a customer’s orders pulled right in from Shopify. They can see when their last order was placed. They can cancel an order. The usability as an hero is 100% better with Gladly.

Katrina Donohue, Customer Experience Manager

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Rothy’s, the wildly popular lifestyle shoe company, uses recycled materials to make comfortable, fashion-forward shoes that can be worn with a power suit just as easily as they can with athleisure wear. With a massive fanbase and a strong reputation as a fun, customer-focused company, Rothy’s surpassed 1 million customers within three years of their initial launch.

As a young company, Rothy’s customer service team wasn’t using legacy CRM products, but they were struggling to keep pace with the company’s rocketing growth. Separate, poorly integrated voice and email/chat support platforms and insufficient reporting tools made it challenging to track customer support journeys and manage escalations.

And because their platforms didn’t offer a Shopify integration, heroes spent a lot of time toggling back and forth between customer profiles and their transaction histories.


Rothy’s turned to Gladly to add chat, social, and self-service support channels, seamlessly integrate their Shopify store, and create a single timeline that unified customers’ conversation histories across all channels.

With Gladly, Rothy’s customer service heroes improved response and resolution times, and customers no longer have to recap their situation every time they reach out. Gladly’s Shopify integration also made it easy for heroes to view order histories and cancel orders, even if they don’t have an order number.

That’s what Rothy’s customer service team expected to happen.

What they didn’t anticipate was how much Gladly would help them maintain efficiencies throughout the COVID pandemic. Gladly gave Rothy’s team the agility they needed to quickly transition to a remote workforce and manage the expanded volume that came with increased online sales.

Additionally, Gladly's reporting functions have simplified escalation management and root-cause analysis processes for managers, which in turn gives them more time to deliver specific, individualized training to their customer service heroes.

“Especially with a remote or outsourced team, it’s very important to be able to keep an eye on what our heroes are doing, or if there are areas in which they might need additional training,” Rothy’s Katrina Donohue explains.

“Gladly’s heroes Reports and Liveboards help me do that.”

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Focus on comfort and lightness wasn't something Rothy's wanted just for their shoes—the direct-to-consumer brand was determined to bring that same effortless feel for their customers to the Rothy's customer service team as well.

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Because Gladly pulls a customer’s orders from Shopify straight into a customer’s Profile in Gladly, heroes no longer have to toggle between Shopify and Gladly to see a customer’s transaction history, nor do they have to ask their customers to provide details, like their order number.

Using Gladly’s intuitive, deeply integrated platform, Rothy’s was able to greatly reduce hero and customer friction. The outcome? Radically personal service that is as consumer-focused as their products.

I love how easy Gladly is for our heroes to use. They can see a customer’s orders, they can see when their last order was placed, or they can cancel an order. The usability as an hero is 100% better with Gladly.

Katrina Donohue, Customer Experience Manager

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