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The barriers to technology changes in any organization are well-known to be frustrating for everyone, from executives to IT leaders all the way down to employees who deal with the implementation fallout. Switching support platforms is the epitome of this friction — oftentimes, a company’s customer service infrastructure is built directly off of their existing tech, making a switch feel close to impossible.

But with what we’ve developed at Gladly, that friction is no longer the norm. We’ve worked with dozens of business customers from startups to enterprises with CX teams across the maturity spectrum. In each situation, we’ve been thrilled to see simple and pain-free implementation. Here’s what some of our customers had to say about the various positive aspects of making the switch to Gladly.

Image of a software review from Info-Tech, showcasing how Gladly outranks competitors when it comes to ease of implementation

Info-Tech rates Gladly above Zendesk, Kustomer, and Salesforce for ease of implementation.

User Adoption

Oftentimes our customers are switching over from older legacy systems or working within an already heavily integrated infrastructure, one that IT has built up and then on top of for years. Our flexible REST API and integrations make us a one-size-fit-all solution, preventing extra installation work to merge systems together while still enabling the freedom for IT departments to continue to expand and add integrations as they see fit over time.

Here’s what Our Place had to say

“The first thing that we noticed was that aesthetically, it was a really pleasing platform to look at all of the information that [the] team needed was at their fingertips. We really love that it was integrated with Shopify and had really clear information.”

Onboarding and Training

If your support agents can’t grasp the platform they’re supposed to work on, your entire service infrastructure will start to crumble. To that end, we’ve made a concerted effort at Gladly to make onboarding and training far easier, and each tool is designed with an agent’s daily work in mind. For example, we’ve consolidated channels and conversations into single dashboards, which makes training agents as simple as walking them through the various tools at their disposal. With less confusion in tickets, disparate systems, and other annoying processes, agents can get the hang of these simplistic features in a matter of hours rather than days.

Here’s what Crate & Barrel had to say

“Having all of our channels on one platform really helped us with onboarding new associates, and helping with new customers as well.”

Ease of Setup

Because support centers rely on huge backlogs of customer information, the setup process is especially delicate. Luckily, Gladly is specifically engineered to ensure a seamless transition from your legacy system, helping convert your old tickets and communications into our more seamless, modern system. Additionally, we come preloaded with full channel functionality regardless of your pricing tier, ensuring your agents have access to every communication option right out of the gate.

Overall Ease of Use

Our customer reviews show that our overall ease of use is unparalleled. Business software review site G2 listed Gladly as the number one help desk for usability and relationships in 2023 based on aggregated user reviews. But it doesn’t stop there — we were also the top usability performer in the following G2 categories:

Ongoing Support and Training With Gladly Academy

Onboarding and implementation aren’t one-and-done endeavors when it comes to ecommerce support technology. We launched Gladly Academy to offer continuing education for our customers to get more out of their Gladly experiences and further encourage their staff to be more proactive during service interactions — like upselling customers using more accessible product and brand knowledge through Gladly tools.

Here’s what Bombas had to say

“We use Gladly Academy quite often. … I think it’s pretty successful to be able to get a foundational knowledge awareness from Gladly Academy. And then if you’re interested as a team to translate and tailor that into the voice of your training.”

Simple and Pain-Free Implementation

The Gladly implementation experience has been key to our success with customers, and why we’ve been thrilled to bring on so many new partners over the past few years.


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