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Too often, ecommerce retailers will choose their support center solutions to fit a budget rather than support long-term growth objectives driven by customer service. If you choose a solution that doesn’t track with your trajectory, you’ll miss those goals and lose out on numerous revenue possibilities.

This is why so many top ecommerce brands have chosen Gladly as their preferred customer service platform, relying on our range of accessible tools to maximize their support center workforce. To understand how powerful the Gladly impact is, learn some of the reasons our most successful customers pick us.


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1. Accessible Design and UI

Support technology can often require a lot of onboarding for new users on top of being slow and hard to navigate. But our customers have been effusive in their reviews of the Gladly interface, the usability of our entire system, and our simple navigation, which lets agents understand, respond to, and implement customer support far more effectively.

What Our Place bas to say

“The first thing that we noticed was that aesthetically, it was a really pleasing platform to look at; all of the information that my team needed was at their fingertips. We really love that it was integrated with Shopify and had really clear information.”

2. Service That Matches Your Brand Values

Shoppers love our customers — whether for great design, quality products, or a shared affinity for similar values. But their support centers might not have fully encapsulated that customer-centric appreciation, which is where Gladly came into play. Every function of our platform makes building and strengthening relationships with customers easier than ever. In doing so, we help maintain the customer-centric values these companies provide and shoppers appreciate.

What Crate & Barrel has to say

“When we were looking for a platform, Gladly came along, and really aligned philosophically, with what we were going for where it’s customer first, and it’s a conversation, not contact.”

3. Technology for Modern Customer and Agent Expectations

Gladly knows what the modern shopper expects of support centers, as well as what agents want to see in a successful workplace. Our tools turn that understanding into a user experience that exceeds these expectations to increase both customer and agent happiness. Customers get the support they need while agents have comprehensive access to technology that lets them complete their work more efficiently than ever.

How JOANN Reduced Their Backlog by 93% — in 30 Days

With Gladly, beloved crafts brand JOANN gained a comprehensive solution that supports multiple communication channels, self-service options, consolidated customer profiles, a robust knowledge base, and enhanced productivity. Customers can reach JOANN’s support team through various channels, while Heroes can seamlessly respond within a unified interface. Now, agents can effortlessly switch between messaging, email, and voice conversations while accessing the complete customer history, delivering exceptional service.

What Bombas has to say

“At the beginning of every year, we do strategic planning where we identify customer friction points or employee experience friction points. One of the largest ones we had was we were dealing with customer contacts on one small, narrow-minded, contextual point of view, and it took a lot of time out of our agents’ day to find the whole customer and their journey to and from the point where we’re interacting with them. So we were able to solve that by replacing a ticketing system of customer experience with a conversation system of the customer experience through Gladly. And it’s been very effective so far.”

4. Tons of Features Out of the Box

Many support solutions have tiered pricing plans that withhold high-level features for premium payers. But at Gladly, we provide all of our exceptional tools right out of the box for brands to use, and you only pay based on your per-agent usage — a far more scalable plan for rapidly growing ecommerce brands.

What Rothy’s has to say

“It was an easy one-stop shop. So we were able to have a knowledge base in the same place that we were housing our macros, and we were also able to see reports…You can see all of the interactions that you’ve had with this customer, forevermore, the answers that we talked about, which are your knowledge base and your macros all built in, and that is really flexible.”

The love we’ve received from customers demonstrates why Gladly is a top choice for brands looking to go above and beyond in their CX. Try a demo of Gladly to see how we can work for your brand, or see our Customer Success Stories to see other brands using Gladly.


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