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Making customer service radically personal starts with making it effortless for your customers to reach out on whichever channel works best for them, including in app chat support.

And while a part of that means being there for your customers on the channels they want to be on, it’s also a lot about making their experience on that channel the best it can be.

For 53% of customers, that great experience means being able to find answers wherever they are, rather than being directed to a new page, window, or channel. Today, we’re excited to move the needle on the mobile experience with the launch of our mobile in app chat support, which will allow your customers to chat directly with you in your branded mobile apps, without having to open up a separate web browser, or copy a phone number.

The new in app chat support joins our current lineup of email, voice, text, social, self-service, and web chat channels that are all natively built into the Gladly platform, and threaded into a single customer profile and conversation history.

Meet Customer On The Go With In App Chat Support

When on the go, your customers look to your mobile app when questions come up. And if they can’t find answers there, the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Help’ section of your app is where the journey naturally continues. Now, when your customers click on the help section of your app, you can offer them an easy, seamless way to get live chat support with your agents, without complicating the experience with additional windows, or taking them out of your app. 

With Gladly’s mobile in-app chat, customers don’t have to leave your app to get the answers they need.

With Gladly, when a customer starts an in app chat, your agents won’t just see the incoming message—they’ll also know who the chat is coming from, along with all the relevant details about them from their customer profile in Gladly and their conversation timeline (a history of all the communications that a customer has had with you, across all the channels you offer). And just like all other Gladly channels, the customer is routed intelligently to the agent your customer is most familiar with or the agent best-suited to help out.

To make it even easier for your customers, push notifications will help alert them when your agent responds. This means your customers can continue on with their day, or jump into another app, without having to stay glued to their chat window waiting for a response.  

With push notifications, customers can get on with their day, and engage only when they need to.

And we know your agents may not always be available to chat in real time. For the times you’re particularly busy, or when you’re team’s gone home for the night, after-hours responses lets you direct your customers in a quick, easy fashion, to the next best way to reach you—or if they’re willing to wait, the option to leave a message for when your team’s back online. At the end of the day, it’s all about giving your customers the freedom to decide how they want to engage with you.

After-hours responses give your customers the option to switch channels, or wait to hear back from your team.

In App Chat Support Means More Chat, Less Calls

Messaging has become an increasingly popular choice for customers looking for support. And while it’s a quick, easy option for customers, it’s also a great option for companies looking to increase efficiency in their contact centers, allowing agents to handle multiple conversations at a time versus just the one phone call. 

If you want to encourage your customers to use mobile in app chat, where you place the chat option can make all the difference. With our mobile in-app chat support, you get the flexibility to make that decision on what works best for you. But we do have a few suggestions: 

Something simple like adding the option to chat above the call option of your help screen can capture the busy customer, who may go with the first choice they see, instead of  taking the time to scan through a full list of help options.

Or to make in app chat even easier to find, you can consider elevating it as its own stand-alone option on your app’s main menu, or as the main option on the landing page of your app.

All of these are small-but-mighty design decisions that can help put your app chat support in the spotlight.

Hey There Mobile App SDKs

Ready to get chat built into your apps, but nervous about  the technical ask you’ll need to make to your development team? 

We know that with most mobile in app chat support products in the market, it can take weeks of development resources from your technical team just to get the basics up and running. But we purpose-built our mobile chat integration to get you up and running in days, not weeks, with easy to use software development kits (SDKs) your technical teams will love for both iOS and Android.

Best of all, we’re just getting started when it comes to enabling in-app support with our mobile SDKs. Additional support channels (e.g. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger), customer self-service, and more are all coming soon!

For more, read the full press release here.


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