Gladly Takes Home 36 1st-Place Rankings in G2 Summer 2024 Reports

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Your ecommerce business deserves a customer service solution that meets your needs, implements into your infrastructure with ease, and develops a strong, dependable relationship with your team. There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right technology, and sites like G2 can help you make a decision that fits all of your essential criteria.

What Is G2?

G2 is a peer-to-peer review site that aggregates and releases performance reporting to identify the best B2B software across industries, including support technology.

G2 Updates Summer 2024

Building on previous positive performances on G2 reports, Gladly has secured first-place rankings in 36 categories for Summer 2024. In addition to these top-tier rankings, Gladly has also been featured on 212 total reports and improved our rankings in 28 reports, proving that we are always striving to push the boundaries of what our solution can do for customers.

As a leader in the Help Desk category of the Grid Report, here’s what our users had to say:

  • 100% of users rated Gladly with four or five stars
  • 97% of users believed we are headed in the right direction
  • 94% of users said they would be likely to recommend us

The Importance of G2 Reports

G2 Index Reports aggregate a comprehensive list of data points collected from verified user reviews across the B2B and B2C space. Collectively, their metrics pinpoint a clear evaluation score for every factor in the software selection and implementation processes.

The help center category rankings paint a clear picture for potential customers of how each B2B support solution performs against its peers. Businesses in the market for high-quality, easy-to-use tools can reference G2 reports when making essential decisions about which solutions have the potential to transform their companies for the better.

Gladly G2 Customer Service Rankings: Summer 2024

Gladly is proud of our continued success in G2’s rankings, where prospective users can see how we perform against industry and competitive standards in essential support categories. From implementation to usability to customer relationships, Gladly continues to exceed expectations and excel past comparative solutions.

How Gladly Stacked Up


We remain a leader in implementation across Customer Service Automation, Help Desk, and Contact Center categories, scoring higher than average when considering the factors contributing to the overall Implementation score. Gladly has remained the top choice in for several mid-market implementation categories, such as Conversational Support,Live Chat, and Customer Self-Service.

What this means: Bringing on new technology can be a cumbersome process for businesses, requiring them to integrate new tools into existing infrastructure. Our user-friendly implementation process, designed with agents in mind, attracts customers across various sectors to choose Gladly as their top choice.

How we’re outpacing competitors: Gladly dominates the mid-market tier, but continually performs high for small and enterprise businesses as well. Few solutions come close to matching the universality and scalability of our tech.

What our customers are saying: “I use [Gladly] everyday to provide the best customer support possible…It is really easy to help customers and follow up with them…[Gladly] is easy to implement due to the support [provided].”


Gladly achieved top rankings for overall usability across all business sizes in Customer Service Automation, Customer Self-Service, Conversational Support, Social Customer Service, and Help Desk software.

What this means: What good is a support solution if your staff struggles to use it? Our emphasis on agent experience has resulted in high usability across businesses of all sizes. This enables service reps to perform complex tasks while effectively leveraging automation to enhance customer self-service.

How we’re outpacing competitors: Our ability to balance agent and customer happiness gives us a competitive edge, creating a more empowered and optimistic workforce. For example, with Gladly’s conversation timeline feature, agents can view a customer’s entire conversation history from any channel in a single view. This context reduces repetition, speeds up responses, and results in happier customers and agents.

What our customers are saying: “One of the standout features of Gladly is its intuitive interface, making it effortless for users to understand and navigate the platform. This user-friendly design enhances the overall experience, ensuring seamless interaction and maximizing productivity. Whether you’re a new user or a seasoned professional, Gladly’s simplicity empowers you to efficiently access its full range of capabilities with ease.”


With high relationship rankings, we’ve excelled thanks to our focus on fostering strong connections with each customer. In particular, we moved up to second overall in help desk relationships and remain the top solution for the Social Customer Service and Customer Service Automation categories.

What this means: Gladly is an out-of-the-box solution for brands of all sizes. Reaching top G2 rankings in the relationship index across business sizes shows how our scalable technology gives every company a fighting chance to compete with a high-quality support center.

How we’re outpacing competitors: Gladly provides various customizable support packages, which allow customers to choose the scalable options that are best for them.

What our customers are saying: “The main reason why I like Gladly compared to other platforms is because it’s easy to use, [is] beginner-friendly and the Gladly team notifies us whenever there’s an update.”


Gladly excelled as the top performer in essential categories such as Customer Service Automation, Social Customer Service, and Live Chat, while also leading in key areas like Help Desk, Contact Center, and Customer Self-Service for mid-market businesses.

What this means: If the solutions don’t translate to results, the investment isn’t worth it. Our customers’ high likelihood to recommend us, alongside our higher-than-average user adoption and meeting requirements scores, gives us confidence that we are, in fact, improving customer and agent experiences.

How we’re outpacing competitors: Gladly’s customer service AI solutions blend the strengths of AI and human agents to prioritize customer support. Take apparel brand Bombas, for example — by leveraging Gladly Sidekick, our conversational and collaborative AI, they reduced time to first response by 91% and achieved an 88% resolution rate for repair and damage orders.

What our customers are saying: “The upside of using Gladly is…the use of AI, in which minor tasks can be done automatically without the intervention of a human, making it easier for everyone in the company.”

The Power of High-Performance Support Solutions

Summer G2 reports show Gladly continues to be a leader in providing B2B support solutions that are universally easy to implement and use for companies of all sizes. We strive to maintain strong relationships with all of our customers, thereby ensuring we help you get the most out of your support solution investment.

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