4 Strategies for Building a Revenue-Generating CX Program

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To the modern ecommerce brand, customer-centricity shouldn’t just be a buzzword — it’s a strategic imperative. Companies that prioritize their shoppers’ needs and preferences are not only fostering loyalty, but also unlocking new revenue streams.

According to the Gladly Customer Expectations Report, 76% of shoppers ask customer service agents about products. Out of those, 68% expect agents to have sufficient product knowledge while 26% make purchases based on agent recommendations. This demonstrates the effect service and CX quality have on creating additional revenue.

Want to lay the groundwork for revenue-generating CX practices for your company? Enact these 4 strategies to create a revenue program generated by the support center.

Next-Gen CX for Driving Revenue

1. Foster Customer-Centricity for Greater Returns

Every customer conversation should revolve around who the shopper is, and what their unique history is with the brand. That starts with support teams having access to solutions that enable transparency and deeper customer knowledge, like:

  • Data-rich customer profiles with central views of key shopper information
  • Customer-centric prioritization driven by intelligent routing tools like People Match® to pair customers with the best-fit agent
  • AI suggestions and improvements that anticipate contextualized replies and targeted recommendations per customer
  • Easy-to-use modern UI that ensures faster onboarding and training

How Bark Used Gladly to Drive Revenue

Nari Sitaraman, former CTO of BARK, attests to the transformative impact Gladly had on the company's ability to consolidate and simplify the customer view for agents. 'We liked the idea that in one snapshot, whether the customer reached out by email, SMS, or chat, we could get a snapshot of what the customer was looking for, and how we could service them more quickly,' he said.

2. Drive More Multi-Brand Cross-Selling

As retail brands expand offerings and diversify into different product and delivery lines, they open up cross-selling opportunities that can bolster revenue gains. This requires a CX solution that provides:

3. Encourage and Enable Heroes to Proactively Engage and Sell

Businesses need to feel empowered to anticipate needs and engage with customers throughout their journey. Features like proactive chat initiatives and personalized communications help initiate meaningful interactions that drive sales and solidify customer relationships, ultimately boosting revenue and loyalty. This means CX teams should:

  • Proactively engage across chat, voice, email, or SMS to ensure every touchpoint prioritizes customer experience
  • Contact customers in bulk by delivering promotions, recent purchase updates, or relevant engagements
  • Optimize inbound volume and productivity using AI-powered self-service solutions like Gladly Sidekick to handle customer issues and free up agents from repetitive tasks.

How a Luxury Brand Used Gladly to Drive Revenue

Using agent-empowering tools from Gladly, one enterprise luxury company provided more than customer support — they utilized brand and product expertise via Gladly Answers to convert conversations into consultative sales. As a result, 25% of their chats now come through agents leveraging outbound proactive chat initiatives.

4. Facilitate Secure Payments Within the Experience

One of the key pillars of a customer-centric approach is confidence in payment security during support interactions. Brands can facilitate more sales by enabling support agents to accept payments, process returns, and initiate exchanges seamlessly within the conversation. A CX solution should include features like:

How Crate & Barrel Used Gladly to Drive Revenue

Crate & Barrel is renowned for driving valuable additional purchases, largely thanks to Gladly. Kate Showalter, Senior Director of Customer Service, said, 'By meeting customers on their preferred channels, and simplifying transactions across channels, Gladly Payments helps us improve the shopping experience, drive sales, and deliver customer service that people love and we're known for.'

The New Frontier of Revenue Lies in CX

The innovative approach to CX that Gladly helps pioneer will uplift customer support and reshape the way businesses engage with their shoppers. By embracing customer-centricity and leveraging technology to drive personalized interactions, Gladly is empowering businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace. See the power of this next-gen, revenue-driving technology with a demo.


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