Provide 24/7 support

Reduce inbound requests to your contact centers by publishing answers to common questions through your Help Center or Chat Widget—available for customers when they need them most.

Personalized responses

Give fast, personalized responses based on everything you already know about your customer. With Self-Service Threads, trigger automated conversations to answer common questions such as "where is my order?"

Author once, publish everywhere

Ensure answers are consistent across all channels. Content owners can author answers once and publish them everywhere.

Key Features

Help customers help themselves by surfacing answers to frequently asked questions so customers can get the solutions they need quickly.

Gladly Sidekick

Empower shoppers to resolve a multitude of issues independently, such as “track my order” and “manage my subscription”.

Self-Service Threads

Share relevant customer data, such as order status, returns, or subscriptions, directly into an automated chat for faster resolution.

Help Center

Plug your knowledge base directly into your website— providing your customers consistent answers in your FAQs.

Personalized IVR

Pull key customer data such as delivery status, past bookings, and upcoming reservations directly into the IVR so customers can quickly find the answers they need on their own.

Multi-Language Answers

In a single database create Answers in multiple languages across multiple channels, including self-service.

Localized Answers

Show customers relevant Answers in your public FAQs based on their locality and language preference.

Dynamic Answers

Display different answers depending on what page the customer is on.

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