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We now have a clear view of the customer contact history in one single profile. It’s our biggest gain in efficiency.

Pablo Sanchez, Senior Manager of Customer Service

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Clothing retailer PacSun is dedicated to delivering current styles to “a community of inspired youth,” but their customer service technology was uninspired and outdated. While PacSun had an omnichannel shopping experience, its customer ticketing system didn’t support the consolidation of multiple contacts from individual customers.

This meant that customers had to explain their issue every single time they emailed, called, or chatted with a PacSun customer service hero. It also meant that individual customers could receive different, even conflicting, information during each point of contact based on how well the service hero understood their situation.

The duplicate efforts to solve the same problem also increased response times and decreased efficiency scores across the customer service function.


PacSun needed to merge its separate service channels into a single, highly efficient customer service platform focused on people, not problems.

Besides adding natively built-in support for additional channels (IVR, text, app, social media), Gladly has given PacSun's customer service heroes access to a single, lifelong conversation documenting each customer’s entire journey.

Perhaps most importantly, PacSun has the analytics insight they need to meet shifting trends in contact and channel distribution.

“We needed to ramp up to over 450 service heroes right before the 2020 holiday season––our first on Gladly,” says Sanchez. “The process from onboarding new people to training and navigation was smooth.”


For lifestyle retail brand PacSun, service stands at the forefront of their business efforts as they strive to provide the best omnichannel shopping experience for their customers.

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By integrating Gladly, PacSun's customer service representatives can add a customer phone number to an email or chat transcript and an email address to phone call documentation, to efficiently respond to customers within seconds across multiple channels. With the help of the key insights gained through Gladly, PacSun can now shift their work-from-home employees and IT resources as needed to meet changing demands. The move to Gladly has meant PacSun can now successfully meet the service expectations of their young, trendy customers.

We heard from service heroes that ‘this tool is way easier to use than our previous platform,' which resonates with just how easy the training and onboarding process was for us and solidified that we made the right move.

Pablo Sanchez, Senior Manager of Customer Service

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