7 Ways Gladly Makes Life Easier for IT Teams

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Executives want the most powerful and transformative technology to assist with CX — but focusing on only a solution’s capabilities can come at the expense of IT. Luckily, a support partner like Gladly was developed with the crucial role IT teams play in mind.

With a unified, easy-to-use system and the widespread accessibility of AI for all departments, Gladly is more than just a benefit for support agents. Applied and utilized correctly, the solution can support how IT and CX teams work together into the future — for a more collaborative and ultimately effective approach to growth.

The Benefits to IT Gladly Provides

A CX solution like Gladly should make the support center more intelligent and effective at developing valuable, loyal customer relationships. But the technology is not a single-benefit solution — in fact, IT teams stand to gain simplicity and data accessibility from Gladly. Here are seven ways Gladly makes the lives of IT teams easier.

1. Providing a Unified CX System to Lower the Total Cost of Ownership

Legacy ticketed CX systems were disparate, confusing for users, and ultimately slowed down the process of support. Gladly consolidates those multi-tool systems and channels into one centralized platform that provides access to a conversation timeline hub. This reduces costs for the support team and the IT team, streamlining the tech stack while allowing for the reallocation of resources.

2. Ensuring Timely and Scope-Friendly Implementation

Partnering with Gladly for implementation means getting an active and willing participant in the process. As a result, IT teams can achieve rapid deployment via a streamlined process that prioritizes projects launching within scope and schedule.

What Our Customers Are Saying

'Gladly took most of the implementation burden off our team by being extremely well planned, efficient, and demonstrated why we partnered with them.' — Bryan Riter, Director of Customer Care, Deckers

3. Creating an Agile Integration Environment

When Gladly partners with IT teams, we help them customize backend environments where innovation is not only supported but accelerated. Our “integrate once, publish everywhere” approach makes the technology adoption process simple. By enabling seamless system and workflow integration across the board, Gladly solutions create efficient CX operations and flexible, minimal involvement from IT.

4. Deploying Data-Rich AI Quickly

Gladly enables ecommerce brands to utilize AI-powered tools and real-time data at scale. This includes Gladly Sidekick, a conversational and collaborative AI, with customizable features that lets teams create and deploy robust self and live service options. The intelligence of self-service reduces operational inefficiencies across the board — particularly for IT — while lowering inbound volume to save companies thousands to millions of dollars per year.

5. Making it Easy to Train, Adopt, and Use For All

The Gladly platform has been lauded for being both quick to implement and easy to onboard and use. By prioritizing fast adoption through tailored solutions for each business, Gladly frees up IT teams to reinvest their time in more high-value, strategic initiatives.

6. Reducing the Number of Resources to Maintain

By replacing outdated legacy systems with Gladly, IT teams reduce the number of technical resources needed to manage the day-to-day of CX. We continually look for ways to build and deploy new tactics and workflows, fostering an agile, modularized environment that makes launching new apps and actions seamless.

7. Enhancing CX at Every Step to Increase Customer Loyalty Revenue

Gladly aims to improve each agent’s ability to serve customers at scale so the whole brand benefits. These people-centric solutions elevate agents to Support Heroes, deploying hyper-personalized interactions across the customer journey by anticipating needs and delivering superior outcomes at scale. With more quality relationships from outstanding CX, IT bears less of a burden to seek out and implement additional solutions that further complicate infrastructure.

What Our Customers Are Saying

'All of that low-hanging fruit, get it done — get it out to the queue. Sidekick can do that while I’m working to upscale the rest of the agents so they can have deep knowledge of the product, start to sell, and surprise and delight…I want my brand ambassadors to be revenue generators and product experts. — Lauren Inman-Semerau, Head of Customer Experience at Rothy’s

Gladly Is an IT Secret Weapon

At Gladly, we recognize that IT isn’t a barrier to entry when businesses want to adopt new solutions. Instead, we see the importance of empowering each member of an organization with tools that enhance their capabilities rather than complicate their role.

To understand the transformative capabilities of Gladly in action, schedule a demo of the technology to gain the insight you need to secure buy-in across your organization.


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