How to Increase Ecommerce Revenue With a Contact Center

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Ecommerce is advancing at breakneck speeds, and businesses are jumping on any chance to increase ecommerce profits. In less strategic instances, profit-seeking companies will cut costs in development or find shortcuts in fulfillment. However, these kinds of maneuvers are not designed to sustain companies for the long term. Instead, smart companies identify long-term value and customer retention as the best ways to increase ecommerce revenue, and have repositioned their operations to focus on optimizing these metrics.

Chief among the drivers of retention-based growth is the quality and consistency of your support team. Within each service rep, or support hero as we like to call them, lies the ability to develop and enhance customer relationships to drive those essential long-term value statistics that your business needs to stay competitive and profitable.

By leveraging your customer contact center in a few key ways, you can unleash your ability to expand business operations and increase your ecommerce revenue.

Transitioning From Cost to Revenue Center

The sentiment surrounding contact centers has evolved tremendously in recent years. Long gone are the days when these vital services were viewed as cost centers. Instead, attitudes have shifted as ecommerce has matured. Now, customer acquisition is seen as a drain, and building lasting relationships is considered the key to breaking the cycle.

Managing change in operations within an individual contact center is essential to making this transition. Contact center leaders must recreate the culture and infuse support hero training with revenue-driving methodologies. This includes making processes more efficient for heroes wherever possible, providing heroes with information on customers in an accessible format, and pushing for upselling and cross-selling opportunities wherever applicable.


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Tactics to Grow Ecommerce Revenue

Improve your website design and streamline the user experience

A more visually stimulating and easily navigable experience makes your customers more willing to go through that experience again. Make it convenient for customers to find products, complete purchases, and receive support, whether on desktop or mobile platforms.

Gladly pro tip: Easy access to key information can make a world of difference for an online shopper. With Knowledge Base from Gladly, brands can update their info across their digital presence all from a single, easy-to-update central hub.

Offer customer incentives and personalized promotions

Nothing makes a shopper happier than a good deal, particularly ones that target them based on their own shopping preferences. Use your first-party data to provide discounts, build out loyalty programs and rewards, and offer specialty bonuses, like free shipping or limited-time offers, to encourage customers to make a purchase.

Gladly pro tip: Good, insightful customer data will ensure your personalized promotions are even more effective at converting a sale. With Customer Profiles from Gladly, brands can access rich data and inform agents when to make on-the-fly recommendations based on past purchases and preferences.

By tactically applying the tips mentioned above, your ecommerce company can start to see an impact on your bottom line thanks to more satisfied, more loyal customers who love your brand.

Streamline the checkout process

When a shopper can make payments simply and securely, they’ll feel confident buying from that brand many times over. Remove the roadblocks to checkout by minimizing the number of steps required to complete a purchase while offering various payment options across channels.

Gladly pro tip: With Gladly, brands can easily incorporate quick pay options across shoppers’ favorite channels. Our Payments feature allows for transactions within SMS and chat for some of the most nimble and effective checkout processes available in ecommerce and customer service.

Train staff to upsell and cross-sell

Your service agents can be enormous revenue-drivers for your business if you train them properly and provide them with the right tools. Show them how and when to recommend related or complementary products to customers during the buying process, with a focus on increasing the overall order value per shopper.

Gladly pro tip: Agent training is an ongoing process, but focusing on revenue-driving opportunities will make each staff member feel like a part of the brand’s overall success. Try incorporating some templated responsesinto your service scripts and eventually agents will organically and proactively create these sales opportunities.

Leverage data and analytics

Great customer data leads to better personalization and even more chances to drive revenue. Leave no stone unturned — invest in a strong analytics platform that can provide insight into customer behavior, preferences, and trends. You can leverage this information to make more data-driven decisions throughout the customer experience, from optimizing your marketing efforts, personalizing your product offerings, and pinpointing your pricing strategies.

Gladly pro tip: Deriving insights is essential, but making data accessible and easy to interpret is key to turning info into action. With the Gladly Insight Builder, brands gain access to a customizable, centralized well of data that allows for quick actions and optimizations across your customer experience.

Resources to Help Increase Ecommerce Revenue

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