Customer Service Quality Assurance Checklist for Support Teams

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Ecommerce retailers constantly check their support center for areas of improvement to maintain a superior customer experience. If you want to evaluate your own imperfections, a handy customer service quality assurance checklist will help you see how you stack up in your progress to create a seamless experience for your shoppers.

Quality in customer service not only maintains consistency but also inspires loyalty in your customers. In our Customer Expectations Report, nearly a third of customers said they’d “fall in love” with a brand from great service alone — more than enough incentive to assess your quality assurance.

What Is Customer Service Quality Assurance?

Customer service quality assurance is how retailers monitor, audit, and confirm the efficacy of their support centers based on various criteria.

These criteria can range from metrics measuring your team’s performance to tests that see how strictly agents adhere to scripts. But, the best way to test customer service quality assurance is to understand how your current system is working for both your customers and your staff. From there, you can create a clear strategy toward building a sustainable, holistic support center that keeps everyone happy.

Performing a quality assurance check of your customer service helps you reach and maintain the high level of support your shoppers expect. Download and fill out the checklist below and reference it as your support center scales to ensure you always retain loyal customers.

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Our Guide Has the Answers Your Support Center Needs

This quick customer service QA might be a wake-up call about the state of your support center, but this is just the beginning of your journey as a CX leader. The next step is researching and applying the resources that will elevate your employees into a truly stellar, inspired team of agents that emphatically represent your brand.

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