3 Long-Term Strategies to Grow Shopify Revenue

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In order to run your ecommerce business successfully, you need a platform for your online store that’s easy to use for both you and your customers. As one of the most popular shopping solutions, Shopify is well-liked for that very reason, giving a spectrum of customizations that let users tailor a branded, seamless customer experience.

In this blog, Gladly shares three long-term areas of focus for business owners to grow their Shopify revenue.

Organize Your Shopify Marketplace

Your Shopify marketplace can be a handful, between updating an ever-changing catalog, responding to customer demands, and providing a seamless shopper experience. Properly managing each aspect, particularly with inventory, is as important as time-consuming. Thankfully, tapping into some basic Shopify performance tools makes oversight far easier for your business.

Through the platform, you can set up real-time inventory tracking, including up-to-the-minute reporting that gives you a heads up about dwindling SKUs and a forecast of trends in your selling. Going further, you can supercharge your customer service reps by using a customer service platform like Gladly’s, which integrates with Shopify and gives CX reps clear and easy access to your marketplace and inventory in real-time. When your heroes are well-versed in the products in your catalog, driving sales becomes even more common and is the basis for turning your support team into a key profit center for your e-commerce business.


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Integrate and Sell Across Multiple Channels

If you’re like many growing and expanding e-commerce retailers, you’ve likely got your products placed in more than one channel. Between Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, and several others, the potential places to showcase your products can be overwhelming. But to get the most eyeballs on your business, you need to leverage multiple channels whenever possible. Fortunately, using Shopify and adjacent tools can help you manage all that digital real estate.

Keeping track of your various channels is about maintaining a presence wherever your shoppers search for your product. To do so, aim to centralize as much of your e-commerce presence into a single system by using Shopify’s multichannel integrations to track when and how your products are listed. Another area that can help with streamlining is your customer support channels. With tools like Gladly’s conversation timeline, a customer support hero can chat with shoppers using a log of previous conversations across channels for a seamless experience.

See Customer Service as the New Sales

Keep in mind that your Shopify experience will take time and work to continuously convert traffic into hard-earned sales. However, keeping sales consistent and moving your business toward higher profitability can come through using the right tools to drive your Shopify revenue growth at every possible opportunity.

Often, business owners will resort to building more targeted marketing campaigns or leaning into SEO to widen the sales net they cast. However, growing Shopify revenue through your existing shoppers—whether through upselling, cross-selling, or word-of-mouth generated through positive customer sentiment—may lead you to longer-term profitability.

Unlike sales or marketing, customer service plays a central role in fostering customer loyalty among existing customers––engaging with them before, during, and after purchase. Equipping your customer service team with valuable data, like each customers’ shopping habits, is the foundation for driving long-term value.

Shopify is one of the most comprehensive sales platforms available, giving your business a level of control and customer support that puts you in the sales driver’s seat.The ability to grow your Shopify revenue long-term depends on having the right tools for organization and service. With the tools within the Shopify platform, and third-party support from customer service integrations like Gladly, these strategies can be put into action to turn your growing business into a big-time, customer-favorite brand.

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