Gladly G2 Customer Service Reports Show 36 No. 1 Rankings for Fall 2023

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Ecommerce businesses can only thrive when their support staff is armed with the best possible customer service solutions and relationship-developing tools. This technology should include simple implementation and ease of use for agents, regardless of their technological sophistication.

CX leaders often look to industry authorities, like G2, to help them make decisions that fit all of these essential criteria.

What Is G2?

G2 is a peer-to-peer review site that aggregates and releases performance reporting to identify the best B2B software across industries, including support technology.

The Importance of G2 Reports

G2 Index Reports aggregate a comprehensive list of data points collected from verified user reviews across the B2B and B2C space. Collectively, their metrics pinpoint a clear evaluation score for every factor in the software selection and implementation processes.

The help center category rankings paint a clear picture for potential customers of how each B2B support solution performs against its peers. Businesses in the market for high-quality, easy-to-use tools can reference G2 reports when making essential decisions about which solutions have the potential to transform their companies for the better.

G2 Updates for Fall 2023

In the Fall 2023 updates to the G2 reports, Gladly continued an impressive streak of service performance by claiming 36 first-place rankings for customer service, five more than in the previous quarter. G2 also named Gladly a Leader in the Grid® Report for Help Desk, thanks to numerous high user ratings across multiple categories.

  • 100% of users rated us 4 or 5 stars
  • 97% of users believe we are headed in the right direction
  • 94% of users said they would be likely to recommend Gladly

We also scored higher than the industry average in every single ranked category, outscoring all of our competitors. Let’s take a closer look at these rankings and what they mean for CX leaders considering Gladly as their next support solution.

Gladly G2 Customer Service Rankings: Fall 2023

Gladly is proud of our continued success in G2’s rankings, where prospective users can see how we perform against industry and competitive standards in essential support categories. Across implementation, usability, and customer relationships, Gladly continues to set a gold standard for excellence in support center solutions.

How Gladly Stacked Up in the Fall 2023 Reports


Gladly continues to be a top implementation partner for support solution seekers, ranking first in numerous mid-market categories while moving into first place for overall Customer Self-Service implementation.

  • What this means: While Gladly has always excelled with mid-market businesses, our expanding implementation prowess is making us a top partner, regardless of business size. For companies that want a smooth transition into a new support solution, Gladly offers a simplistic implementation process that works with any back-end infrastructure.
  • How we’re outpacing competitors: We matched or outpaced all key competitors in our implementation index score, and particularly excelled in the category of Ease of Setup — with a 94% ranking (well over the 87% industry average), we topped our next-closest competitor by 4%.
  • What our customers are saying: “The system is intuitive, which makes learning a breeze — we can start managing what needs to be done in an organized way straight away.”


For a second quarter, Gladly has taken the top ranking for usability in the Help Desk, Social Customer Service, and Customer Self-Service categories — a demonstration of our commitment to simple interfaces and access for agents of all levels of expertise.

  • What this means: Gladly provides a user experience that is easy for onboarding and ensures all agents can instantly tap into our AI-powered tools for support optimization.
  • How we’re outpacing competitors: Compared to an overall usability score average of 83%, Gladly topped numerous competitors with a high rating of 96% — surpassing Zendesk, Gorgias, and Salesforce, just to name a few.
  • What our customers are saying: “Its easy-to-use interface and efficient system for coordinating multiple interactions make it a must-have in my workspace. The time-saving capabilities are unparalleled — allowing me and my colleagues to switch between tasks as needed. Eliminates hours of wasted time flipping through notes or navigating tabs on our browser windows.”


Gladly maintained a first-place ranking in the overall customer relationship index for Help Desk software, while moving up into first place for Social Customer Service as well.

  • What this means: Gladly continues to prioritize the importance of strong relationships with customers across the support experience, ensuring businesses of all sizes are adequately set up to build loyalty, particularly in growing channels like social.
  • How we’re outpacing competitors: Our overall relationship index score trounced the industry average — 97% compared to 82% — with a score as much as 20 points higher than some competitors. We’re also proud of our industry-leading “Likelihood to Recommend” score of 94%.
  • What our customers are saying: “As a company, we find that truly connecting with individuals is more valuable than just fulfilling their needs. Gladly’s emphasis on deep interactions with customers is a genuine way to show our appreciation for them. Such a unique approach ultimately benefits both parties involved.”


Gladly maintained a first-place ranking from the previous quarter in overall results performance for Contact Center, Help Desk, Customer Self-Service, and Social Customer Service.

  • What this means: Thanks to our ease of use, rapid implementation process, and continued focus on strong customer relationships, our customers have seen nothing but tangible success across numerous support channels and processes.
  • How we’re outpacing competitors: Gladly showed further success against competitors in the overall results index score, boasting a 92% score above the industry average of 80% — while also being the only company to break 90% compared to our similar competitors.
  • What our customers are saying: “Through [Gladly], we can de­liver exceptional se­rvice that leaves our custome­rs satisfied and eager to come­ back. These positive inte­ractions have a significant impact, fostering increase­d customer loyalty and repeat busine­ss.”

Continued Success Among Support Solutions

The latest Fall 2023 G2 reports show Gladly is not slowing down in providing superior support solutions, offering brands unparalleled support and unmatched ease of implementation.

CX leaders can try a demo of Gladly to see for themselves why our G2 customer service rankings remain consistently high and continue to excel beyond our competitors.


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