Turn your agents into heroes

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Unlock your customer service agents’ superpower

With powerful AI, an intuitive platform design, and a supportive community, Gladly equips your customer service agents with the tools they need to feel empowered in their roles.

No duplicate tickets. No time wasted on channel switching. No missed conversation history. Agents focus only on creating lasting customer connections that elevate your brand above the rest, becoming customer service heroes.

Activate your agents

Gladly knows agents need the means to thrive in the workplace for any other aspect of your customer experience to prosper.

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Discover how we help leading brands turn their agents into heroes.

Turn agents into superheroes

To combat higher-than-normal call volumes and avoid additional hiring costs, Ulta Beauty brought in 200 people from their field retail team to augment their customer service team. Adam Seede, from Ulta Beauty said, “It worked amazingly.”


heroes onboarded with ease

Turn agents into superheroes

Logan Rose, from Framebridge, told us their hero onboarding went from “around a week and a half to two days with Gladly.”


days onboarding

Turn agents into superheroes

PacSun seamlessly onboarded 450+ agents during their first holiday season with Gladly. “Service heroes said that ‘this tool is way easier to use than our previous platform,' which resonates with just how easy the training and onboarding process is and solidified that we made the right move.”


heroes seamlessly onboarded

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