The Hero Experience Report — A Tactical Guide

Turn your customer service agents into heroes of your brand

Great CX leaders aspire to create a positive impact on their employees’ lives. But a number of uncontrollable external factors — the economy, new technology, life itself — can make the goal of agent happiness feel out of reach.

From the insights gathered in our 2023 Hero Experience Report around motivations, challenges, and opportunities in a customer service role, we created this tactical guide to serve as an actionable companion to the report. In it, we share tips and best practices that can help improve your support center culture, bolster agent confidence, and deliver the kind of high-quality service that leads to loyal, long-lasting customer relationships.

Download and use this tactical guide to:

  • Create a support center culture that’s collaborative, engaging, and rewarding
  • Identify and fill potential skill gaps on your team
  • Train your customer service agents and develop their skill set for the future

With the right technology, better communication, and effective training, your customer service agents can become heroes of your brand, reaching their fullest potential and enhancing your overall customer experience.

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