Common Pet Peeves With Customer Service Platforms

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You invest a lot of resources into your customer support platform so it can work effectively when and where you need it. But if you’ve started to notice a few flaws in the technology and implementation of this software, know you’re not alone. Online forums and discussions reveal that many service leaders have pet peeves with customer service platforms.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this customer service frustration. Here are the four biggest issues service leaders complain about online and how a platform like Gladly eliminates these pesky pet peeves.

1. Bad Data and Reporting

A pet peeve on bad data and reporting on Peerspot

Source: PeerSpot

Having first-party data generated from interactions with agents, shopping decisions, and inquiries is a huge benefit. Especially as third-party data becomes obsolete in the face of changing regulations, having access to “accurate, reliable data” is imperative, as is making sure reporting is clear and provides real, tangible action for your brand.

The Gladly Advantage

Gladly reporting feature

With Gladly, brands can tap into a well-designed, articulate depiction of their entire data universe, showing how buying trends and certain points in the shopping journey are contributing to your overall revenue success. This can be broken out by channel, agent performance, and specific products or inquiry topics.

Gladly Liveboards Unlocks CX Reporting

🛑 With Liveboards, managers and team leads using Gladly can monitor day-to-day contact center activity with real time dashboards, plus keep an eye on trending topics, agent activity, channel statistics, and more.

2. Difficult and Costly Implementation

A complaint on Quora on difficult implementation

Source: Quora

When your agents join your support platform, they should be able to acclimate themselves without costly or time-consuming training. At the same time, the technology should easily mix in with the rest of your operations without needing some intensive implementation process.

The Gladly Advantage

Gladly wins best usability award

Finding the right technology can be tricky, but it’s helpful to look at where others have had positive experiences. Gladly has been consistently ranked high for its usability and simple implementation, squashing one of the most common pet peeves leaders have with customer service platforms, and saving you time and money.

3. Unforgiving User Interface

Reddit complaint about customer service UI

Source: Reddit

What’s the point of paying for state-of-the-art support software if your agents can’t navigate it and use it effectively? Common among the list of customer service pet peeves is poor and outdated UI, which frustrates agents and makes it far more difficult for them to serve customers. The result is negative interactions that can damage customer relationships in the long-term.

The Gladly Advantage

An example of clean UI from Gladly

The right support platform won’t just have a clean UI, but it will also be able to collate and manage information across channels and inputs in order to bring the customer service process back into the agent’s hands. Gladly’s platform balances source transparency with pristine UI design to ensure a support agent never feels like they don’t understand where a customer is coming from or how to solve certain issues.

4. Confusion With Ticketed Systems

Reddit complaint about confusion over ticketed systems

Source: Reddit

The convoluted nature of ticketed systems, which are the standard in support software, creates confusion for agents who have to navigate opening, managing, closing, and finalizing the information within a single ticket. Agents have less autonomy and collaborative ability with a ticketed system because they lack the flexibility to create continuous conversations, causing headaches particularly when dealing with repeat customers.


No more tickets: Shifting to customer-based CX software


The Gladly Advantage

Easy to understand conversation timeline from Gladly

Simply dropping a ticketed system in favor of a conversation-driven platform can make all the difference in undoing this frustrating customer service pet peeve. Gladly does just that, connecting the entirety of a conversation across channels and shopper histories into a single, accessible interface.

A Support Platform With Less Frustration

With numerous features designed to make both customers’ and employees’ lives easier, Gladly provides comprehensive service tools that work for brands of all sizes. With simple onboarding, accessible technology, and a scalable pricing structure, Gladly is designed to supersede team leaders’ common pet peeves with customer service platforms to keep brands and their customers happy.


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