The Shopify Growth Self-Assessment

Gladly Team

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5 minute read

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Is your Shopify brand set up, but you’re having trouble accelerating your ecommerce growth? Don’t worry. This self-assessment helps you better understand how to move between stages, drive automation across your business, and empower your customer support staff to achieve optimal business success.

Using this handy tool, you can gauge where you stand as a retailer in your long-term journey toward growth on Shopify, while gaining insight into what will help you drive revenue and push your business to the next level.


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Start by answering these four questions to gauge the maturity and growth of your Shopify brand, and to determine what you can do to push your business to the next level.

Hopefully you’ve uncovered some insights into your journey toward long-term growth on Shopify, as well as identified some to-dos as next steps. Delivering a better customer experience is an ongoing process; no matter your company size or capabilities, there are always opportunities to level up your customer service. To get started with the new tactics and tools you’ve identified in this self-assessment, be sure to check out Gladly’s Shopify app or join Gladly’s community for similar content.