4 Free Live Chat Scripts for Customer Service

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If you’re a customer support agent or you manage a customer service team, you’re probably familiar with the importance of scripts. Having a script for agents to follow helps ensure that your brand always offers the best, most consistent customer experience possible. If your brand has only recently implemented live chat on your site and doesn’t have a script or is looking to revamp outdated live chat scripts for customer service, we’re here to help.

We’ve created four free live chat scripts that can be used by customer service agents at any time, allowing them to address questions and issues with speed and efficiency:

1. Live Chat Script for Greeting a Customer

Every customer experience should start with a pleasant, personal interaction with support. Use these scripts to set a baseline of comfort between shopper and agent.

Whenever possible, greet the customer by name and ask them how they are doing:

  • “Hi there, [customer’s name] — thanks for contacting us today.”
  • “I’m so glad you reached out to us today. How can I help?”
  • “I hope your day is going well. Can I answer any questions for you?”

If the customer reaching out has shopped with you before, acknowledge that:

  • “Hey again, [name]. What can I do to help?”
  • Welcome back, [name]. How can I help you today?”
  • “Hi [name]. Were you still having issues with [previous problem]?”

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2. Live Chat Script for Answering Customer Questions

If a customer has a specific question that needs addressing, try to answer it as quickly and thoroughly as possible while offering links to resources or FAQ pages whenever possible.

If you need to, tell the customer that you need to look up some information first or involve another agent:

  • “I’ll have to check on this for you. Please give me a few minutes.”
  • “Let me bring in my colleague [agent name] who can help with this issue.”

Some customer service platforms that use ticketing require the customer to repeat information, but with a conversation-driven platform like Gladly, all customer details are saved so agents don’t have to ask for order numbers, email addresses, or other information.

Let the customer know you’ve got their information and are working to solve their issue:

  • “I’d be happy to answer your question, [name]. I see here that you recently ordered [product name] on [date], is this in relation to that order?”
  • “Not a problem, [name]. I see you ordered [product name] on [date]. I can check on the details of your order now.”

3. Live Chat Script for Tackling Complaints

When issues arise, customers can get angry or frustrated. When that happens, the key to diffusing the situation is acknowledging their emotions, showing sympathy for their situation, and apologizing for the inconvenience.

Empathize with the customer and move swiftly to a solution:

  • “I’m so sorry this happened. Let me see how I can help.”
  • “I apologize for the inconvenience, and I’m sorry to hear that you’re disappointed. Please give me a few minutes to check on it and see what happened.”
  • “I understand your frustration. Can you confirm that [order number/relevant details] so I can look into this for you?”
  • “I’m really sorry that [issue] happened. Let me see what I can do to make it right.”
  • “I apologize for [issue]. Let me speak to my supervisor to see what we can do for you.”

4. Live Chat Script for Wrapping Up and Upselling

Before you sign off, take the opportunity to ask if the customer has any other questions or if you can help in any other way. For certain customers (e.g., those who came into the conversation looking for product recommendations), you can also take this moment to upsell or cross-sell.

Thank the customer and make sure they’re all set:

  • “Thank you for reaching out today. Do you have any other questions or concerns?”
  • “Thanks for chatting with us today, [name]. Please reach out if you need anything else.”

Reference purchase information to make other recommendations:

  • “I’m so glad we could help you find what you were looking for. In case you’re looking for something similar, many of our customers who enjoy [product name] also really like [product name].”
  • “Again, I’m so sorry for [the issue]. If you have any other concerns, please reach out whenever. Have a great day.”

Live chat scripts for customer service are useful tools to empower customer support agents and help them provide a better customer experience. However, make sure to invest in other customer service tools, resources, and training as well to ensure agents aren’t overly reliant on scripts.


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