Gladly Raises $118M to Propel Personalized Customer Service

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Gladly CEO, Joseph Ansanelli, sat down with Yahoo Finance’s Jack Guzman and Melody Hahm, as well as Michael Block, Third Seven Advisors’ managing director and market strategist, to discuss our recent funding news, and the addition of our newest customers, including TUMI.

During their quick chat, the foursome talked about how  Gladly works as a customer service platform, enabling companies and customers to communicate the same way that customers do in their personal lives—being able to shift between a multitude of channels, yet never losing the context of the conversation no matter the channel, or if it took place 10 mins or an hour ago.

They also discussed how Gladly works within JetBlue to help agents identify who the customer is that’s reaching out, and have an understanding of what their needs are, with Joseph giving the example of what Gladly would show a JetBlue agent if he reached out:

It’ll show that it’s Joseph calling you, or emailing, or chatting. (It’ll show) who Joseph is. Is he a Mosaic (member)? How many miles does he have? Does he have a flight upcoming in the next 2 hours? Is that flight delayed? Putting that at (an agent’s) fingertips so they can actually start a conversation by saying “Hey Joseph, I see you’re on this flight this afternoon and it’s delayed. Is that why you’re calling, or chatting?

At the end, Jack closed the segment by noting how people “don’t want to be cast aside or forgotten when it comes to customer service—that’s enough to ruin a relationship.” And we couldn’t agree more.

You can watch the full 3-minute video here.