Service Built For The Long Haul

"A great human-on-human interaction is absolutely fundamental to the TUMI brand. Gladly helps us keep humans in the forefront of how we interact with customers, routing customers to the last agent they spoke with, and offering them the continuity, immediate historical knowledge, and empathetic insight of that agent."

Charlie Cole
Chief Digital Officer, TUMI

The TUMI difference


As today’s retailers worry about how to meet the expectations of today’s customers who want their services now, and their deliveries in two days or less, TUMI has chosen to focus their efforts on one key thing: their customer.

This attention to the customer touches much of what TUMI does, from inspiring their products and innovation (TUMI tests their products in real-life, rejecting anything that doesn’t upgrade their customers’ lives), to their marketing (TUMI tailors their marketing to their customers’ needs rather than adopting the traditional generic email blasts).


Key Results

Lens Across a Lifetime

A complete conversation history means agents better understand their customers' needs.

Build Bonds

Routing customers to the same agent encourages connections and empathetic conversations.

Carry-On the Conversation

Customers reach out on the channel that suits them, and conversations flow fluidly across multiple channels.


And they wanted to take that bespoke, customer-centered approach to the support that they provide their customers as well. Because for TUMI, customers aren’t seasonal—they’re customers for life—and they needed a platform that could help them build and maintain those lifelong relationships.

With Gladly, TUMI’s support agents can now see the entire history of a customer, regardless of when they reached out and the channel they used, all in a single thread. This has given their agents more actionable insight into what a customer has done with them in terms of purchase or repair history, what they’ve relayed to TUMI in the past, and what they may be looking for in the future. With that, agents are no longer on the back foot with their customers who reach out, but are better able to anticipate and get ahead of their customers’ needs.


Hear from TUMI’s Chief Digital Officer, Charlie Cole, about how Gladly is helping them compete with online giant Amazon. Listen to the podcast.

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