Reinventing Customer Service: The Modern Contact Center

Gladly Team

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Today, we are excited to announce our investment in Gladly, a next generation customer service platform for the contact center market serving B2C brands.  We believe that in the evolution of business application software towards the cloud, the contact center is one of the last remaining markets ripe for innovation and disruption.

Gladly was built to help rethink how the world’s top brands communicate with their customers. The platform arms contact center representatives with information, organization and efficiency—enabling them to be brand heroes.

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At the heart of this is the focus on transforming existing customer service from a “trouble ticket/case” mentality, to a “conversation” mentality.  A successful conversation should include the following:

  • A single, unified communication channel that spans across voice, email, chat, web, SMS, & social networks with the customer and the agent able to switch between communication streams seamlessly and from any device
  • A 360 degree customer view for the agent, including buying history, lifetime value, location, demographics, and other information needed to create a more personalized, engaged experience
  • A focus on agent efficiency (often overlooked) in terms of notifications, reusable content, collaboration, and fewer complex workflows
  • A robust suite for analytics and reporting such that managers can accurately and reliably gain visibility into the contact center to assess productivity, gauge key business metrics and measure ROI

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