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Growing your call center agent team is an exciting time. It’s an opportunity to add a new personality to the mix who is eager and motivated to represent your brand. Identifying your next agent means looking for more than just skills, but also the personality to match.  

You can use the Call Center Assessment Test below to see if a candidate has the qualities and skills to showcase your brand in a positive way, bearing in mind that good training can go a long way from taking a candidate from raw potential to all-star call center agent. 

Call Center Assessment Template and Questions:

It would be nearly impossible to create a Call Center Assessment to fit each and every company’s unique circumstances. We recommend using this Call Center Assessment Test as a template that you customize to fit your industry, and including other questions that may be more relevant to your brand.  

Call Center Assessment Test Questions by Type

 Call Center Assessment for: Personality

Before getting into technical or situational questions, you’ll want to get to know your future agent and see if they are an effective communicator. Here are some questions you can use to get a sense of a candidate’s personality—are they highly empathetic? Do they practice active listening? That way you can better evaluate if they’re a good fit for your team. 

  • What qualities do you have that you think make you a great call center representative?
  • Being a call center agent often entails speaking to upset, frustrated customers—and that can sometimes feel overwhelming. How do you continue to keep yourself, or others, motivated at work?
  • What do you think is most important quality when helping customers?
  • Do you prefer very little, or a lot of hands-on training prior to taking calls with customers?
  • Tell me about the worst call you’ve ever had with a customer. Talk me through how you went about resolving the issue, and what the end result was.  

Call Center Assessment for: Day-to-Day Operations

If your candidate has had previous experience working at a call center, this is a great opportunity to assess their abilities at a more technical level with these questions. How would you greet a shopper when they called in? 

  • How many calls and customer interactions are you used to taking per day?
  • What type of call center platforms have you used?
  • When a shopper has an inquiry, what is the first thing you should do?
  • What are the first questions you ask a shopper who calls in? 
  • How do you determine whether to route a customer to another department or handle them yourself?
  • Tell me about a time that you engaged in a successful upsell opportunity with a customer?
  • What do you say to the shopper if you do not know the answer to their question?
  • What do you do if a customer accidentally hangs up or is disconnected?

Call Center Assessment for: Handling Upset or Frustrated Customers

Sometimes a customer might call in who is upset or frustrated with a situation.  You can use these call center assessment questions to learn how your future agent communicates with upset callers.  

  • Have you ever had a shopper call in upset and demand to speak to your manager? What did you do?  
  • A shopper calls in, upset that their item is taking longer than expected to arrive. How would you manage? 
  • Have you encountered a situation where a customer was unhappy with the item they received? How did you resolve the situation to improve customer satisfaction? 
  • Have you ever had a shopper call in because a purchase did not arrive or there was a shipping issue? What was the iss
    ue? How did you resolve this?

Final Thoughts: Call Center Assessments

Ensuring that you bring positive energy to your call center team is critical for the success of your company. The above assessment questions are a great start to understanding how your future agent will perform in real-life scenarios. And once your new agent is in training, you can use these call center training quiz questions to prepare them for your shoppers.  

To give your customers the best experience, make sure to implement tools that put them in the heart of every conversation. 

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